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4 Most Intriguing Tips Gathered from Real Estate Agents in 2021

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News2021 was like opening a pandora box, just like 2020 with the worldwide epidemic, political unrest, and the increasing demand in the housing market. While we can’t change anything about it, at least the real estate market is booming. If you intend to buy or sell a home soon, pay attention to these suggestions and the finest ideas we’ve gathered from real estate agents this year.

When Looking at Houses, Take a Small Ball With You

You don’t have to bring a specific ball; use any ball. However, according to Stacey Fulton, a real estate agent, a golf ball may tell you a lot about a house you’re contemplating buying. If you place the ball on the floor and it rolls away, that means the floors aren’t levelled. You may set the ball on the floor to observe if water flows from your foundation to the outside. You may use it to test any surface that has to be levelled. Don’t do it openly as it might look bad or get permission first – some agents will not enjoy a ball rolling about the house.

After Your Closing a Deal, Make Use of Your Real Estate Agents

Did you realise that your real estate agent’s knowledge doesn’t stop at buying or selling a home? Katie Melton, a real estate agent, recommends local services. Keep your agent’s contacts for queries regarding a variety of topics. You may contact a former agent for home care advice, and they can also assist you with improvement project estimates.

If There are Any Available, Consider Purchasing Haunted Houses

In truth, there might be several properties in Uganda that are purportedly haunted by spirits. Most of the time, they are sold for less than their actual value. Many people in the real estate sector benefit from the sudden, unexpected, and abnormally cheap housing prices. So, while buying a haunted house appears like an awful idea, these domestic ghosts might help you get a better deal on the house. A certified real estate broker with Compass, Michael Thornton believes anything is negotiable, even if you think it’s haunted.

Ditch the ‘Smart Tech’ Renovation Ideas

According to Matthew Rathbun, executive vice president of Coldwell Banker Elite, updating your home with smart technology to get a higher resale value is not worth it. Smart equipment or gadgets are expensive, and technology rapidly becomes old. Making pricey upgrades is no longer a fantastic selling factor. As a result, you might not profit from installing cutting-edge technology in your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom just before you sell.

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