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80-year-old Man Arrested for Fraudulently Selling 500 Acres of Land

UGANDA, Luweero | Real Muloodi News | The Land Protection Police Unit (LPPU) arrested Guster Muwanga, an 80-year-old man for deceptively selling about 500 acres of land in the districts of Luweero and Nakasongola. He is under custody by the Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) after being accused of impersonating an administrator of the late Joshua Kabiine’s estates.

He was arrested following his disappearance after being released on bond. He was meant to assist CID detectives in locating his accomplices Yasin Kayongo and Enock Sendawula.

He sold land on block 722 in Bulemeezi, Luweero district, which is estimated to be 370 acres, and block 224 in Bululi, Nakasongola, which is estimated to be 130 acres. However, Guster mentioned that the land was shared with Yasin Kayongo and Enock Sendawula.

The Land Protection Police Unit (LPPU) with a team led by Commissioner of Police Charles Mutungi apprehended Guster after lawful administrators discovered that their late father and grandfather’s land had been sold without their knowledge.

The 80-year-old man was summoned on the 11th of August 2021 by Assistant Inspector of Police Florence Nakiranda to appear at the offices of the Land Protection Police Unit to record his statement on charges of obtaining registration by false pretense.

The summons by Assistant Inspector of Police Florence Nakiranda read, “This office is investigating a case of obtaining registration by false pretence in respect of the land comprised in Bulemeezi block 722 plot 9-24, land at Lutura and Buluri block 224 plots 17 to 46. You are therefore required to report at CID headquarters Kibuli land protection police unit.”

Guster Muwanga, on the other hand, arrived on the 18th of August 2021 and accused Yasin Kayongo and Enock Sendawula of authorising him to sell the land in question. They released Guster on bond and asked him to return with letters of administration allegedly processed by the two accused, showing that they authorised him to sell the land.

Guster stated he attempted to locate the two men (Yasin Kayongo and Enock Sendawula) who had an estimation of 40 and 25 acres, respectively. He emphasised that these two men had received the land and had promised to get him surveyors, letters of administration, and land titles for each occupant.

He said, “They did not give me the documents they processed for me as administrator. I was first approached by Sendawula and he took 40 acres in order to help me get the letters of administration and land titles for occupants. Sendawula disappeared after selling his 40 acres of land.” 

Muwanga claimed that his father, Katazza, was chosen as the heir to their grandfather, the late Kabiine, before they handed the estate over to him. However, the documents presented by the police from High court stated that Francis Kitaka was the administrator and delegated responsibility to Gyagenda, Sekayala, Nakiito, and Kanaabi.

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