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 9 Business Investments That Will Be Successful at the New Mirembe Mall, Kigo

UGANDA, Kigo | Real Muloodi News | If you are looking to build a profitable business, the key is to select a location close to your potential customers. This is where Mirembe mall comes in. Mirembe Mall is a brand new and beautiful space built outside the gated community of posh Mirembe Villas estate in Kigo, jointly developed by Guoji Group Company (U) Limited and Buganda Kingdom.

Location Description

Mirembe Mall is located between Munyonyo and Kajjansi on the Entebbe Express Highway, making it easily accessible thanks to the 37.23-kilometre highway. The Entebbe Express Highway runs from Entebbe International Airport to Busega, passing through Mpala, Munyonyo, Alkright City, Kajjansi, and Kabojja.

The Mirembe Villas estate is the primary market for Mirembe Mall. The mall aims to change the shopping lifestyle of residents in the Kigo neighbourhood and those who use the Entebbe Express Highway.

Mirembe Shopping Mall in Kigo
Mirembe Shopping Mall in Kigo. Image Source: Mirembe Villas
Back view of Mirembe Mall.
Back view of Mirembe Mall. Image courtesy: Watch Dog News
Mirembe Mall Amenities
  • Mirembe Mall is an appealing location for a retail chain for investors and business owners. It offers plenty of parking, tight security, and is in close proximity to an attractive, up-scale neighbourhood with over 200 villas.
  • The mall has several business opportunities, including a 2000 square meter space for supermarket with storage and office spaces.
  • An estimated 200 square meter of space is available for a restaurant with a kitchen.
  • Mirembe Mall has space to accommodate many different types of stores and amenities.
Indoor space within the Mirembe Mall. Image source: Watch Dog News

With rental prices in Kampala becoming unmanageable for many business owners, the suburbs is fast becoming an appealing alternative. Mirembe Mall could be the perfect location for your business. 

Here are a few business ventures perfect for a start-up at the mall:

1. Clinic and Pharmacy

A pharmacy or even a first-line clinic is ideal for residents and non-residents in the area who require medical care.

2. Financial Services

Quick access to money is an essential element of today’s economy. That is why establishing financial services such as mobile money, banking services, and ATMs is a good business venture with a population of this size.

3. Supermarket

The mall includes a 2000 square meter space for supermarket with storage and office spaces. Its characteristics make it an effective retail chain for investors and business owners interested in running a supermarket.

With the closest shop nearly 10 kilometres away, a local supermarket venture would be worthwhile in the area.

4. Gym and Fitness Club

In a neighbourhood, lifestyle amenities such as gyms or fitness clubs are needed. A good gym and fitness instructor would be an excellent business venture for you to pursue.

5. Gift Shops

When shopping for a gift for a loved one, a lot of people do so without the faintest idea of what to buy. Gift shops allow customers to browse for the perfect product. You can start a gift selling and wrapping business, stocking and displaying a variety of gift items that people could buy.

6. Beauty Spa or Hair Salon

We all love to look good, with no bad hair days or regular visits to a nearby beautician or barber twice a week. A salon is an option for everyone, including the children, to keep a neat, making this an excellent business venture. 

Pathway within the mall image source: Watch Dog News
7. Cleaning Services

Cleaning services are one of the essential requirements in any residential or commercial setting. These cleaning services may include fumigation, dry cleaning, and laundry, which are in high demand.

8. Restaurant

The mall provides approximately 200 square meters of space with room for a kitchen for the convenience of the neighbourhood. A food outlet is the perfect business venture to set in a mall. You can also add a delivery service to your business.

9. Computer and Phone Services

Gadgets are highly sort after these days, so starting a business that addresses some of these issues could benefit the residents in the area. It may also save a resident a trip to town for such services and earn you more money. 

Ample parking space within the mall
Ample parking space within the mall. Image source: Watch Dog News

Are you looking for a convenient workspace for your company or business? The mall is currently open for business, and you can rent a shop or office there.


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