• Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

UGANDA, Arua | Real Muloodi News | Arua City Council is set to collect over UGX 2.3 billion from property rates after the approval of the draft property valuation roll.

The City Authority conducted a property valuation exercise between February and June 2022 with support from USAID’s Domestic Revenue Mobilisation for Development Activity.

The property valuation process involved assessing the value of all properties within Arua City by government accredited valuation surveyors, taking into account factors such as location, size, and use of the property. The results of the property valuation exercise were then compiled into a draft property valuation roll.

This legal document is a comprehensive list of the 7,230 properties properties and their assessed values within the city, for the purpose of levying property rates. 4,048 properties were assessed in the Ayivu Division and 3,182 in the Arua Central Division.

However, it is important to note that property rates will only be levied on properties that are used for business purposes.

Once the draft property valuation roll was completed, it was made available to the public for inspection. Property owners were given the opportunity to review their assessed values and raise any concerns or objections for review before the Valuation Court. The Arua City Council is then responsible for addressing any objections raised by property owners, which may involve reviewing the assessed values and making any necessary adjustments.

In this way, the court plays a significant role in preserving the fairness and impartiality of the property valuation process, making sure that property rates are levied equitably and that property owners are treated justly.

Once all objections have been resolved, the property valuation roll will be approved by the Ministry of Local Government. This approval will allow Arua City to proceed with levying property rates based on the assessed values of properties for the next five years.

Property rates are typically collected on an annual basis, and will be used to finance the delivery of public services within Arua City’s jurisdiction.

According to Moses Adriko, the Secretary of Finance for Arua City, the expected revenue is sorely needed to boost their local revenue envelope to finance the delivery of public services such as roads, water, and sanitation.

Meanwhile, Arua City Deputy Mayor Milly Inzikuru Millicent says the rollout of the property rate will ease the city’s local revenue mobilisation struggles.

In the 2022/2023 financial year, Arua City is expected to collect over UGX 3.02 billion as local revenue.

The Councillor representing Ayivu central to the city council, James Adiga, surged the city authorities to carry out massive taxpayer sensitisation on the benefits of prompt tax payment before the final approval of the valuation roll.

Recently, Arua City Council approved a 5% ratable value of a property as per the guidelines set by the Local Government Property Rating Act 2006.


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