• Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | The political assistant of Agnes Nandutu, the State Minister for Karamoja Affairs, Evelyn Hilda Bazibu, a resident of Namuseera in Wakiso District, was arrested on Thursday 15th June 2023 and appeared before the Anti-Corruption Court in Kampala.

She is facing charges related to dealing with suspect property and conspiracy to defraud.

During the court appearance, Bazibu was not required to enter a plea and was returned to the police for safe custody.

The detectives handling the case were advised to present an amended indictment to the court, including Bazibu’s name, as the matter is already before the High Court.

The initial charge sheet, which contained the charges against both Nandutu and Bazibu, was rejected by the court registry.

On April 19, 2023, Agnes Nandutu, who also serves as the Bududa District Woman Member of Parliament, was committed to the High Court to stand trial for her alleged involvement in the Karamoja iron sheet scandal.

She became the first minister to face trial in the High Court about the scandal, although she is the third minister to be charged and remanded to Luzira Prison.

The other two ministers are Mary Goretti Kitutu, the Minister for Karamoja affairs, and Amos Lugoloobi, the State Minister for Planning in the Ministry of Finance.

Nandutu and Bazibu are facing charges of dealing with suspect property and conspiracy to defraud. Dealing with suspect property carries a maximum sentence of seven years imprisonment, while conspiracy to defraud is punishable by up to three years in jail.

The allegations against them state that between June and July 2022, at the Office of the Prime Minister’s (OPM) stores in Namanve and in Kkola Cell, Bulwanyi Parish, Mukono District, they dealt with government property—specifically, 2,000 pre-painted iron sheets of gauge 28 marked with “Office of the Prime Minister.”

The prosecution argues that they received and held these items, knowing that they were acquired through the loss of public property.

In addition to Nandutu and Bazibu, several other individuals have been charged in connection with the Karamoja iron sheet scandal.

Mary Goretti Kitutu’s brother, Micheal Naboya Kitutu, is accused of receiving stolen property, while Joshua Abaho, Kitutu’s assistant, is facing corruption charges.

The charges against Kitutu herself include two counts of loss of public property and conspiracy to defraud. Amos Lugoloobi, the State Minister for Planning, is charged with two counts of dealing with suspect property.


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