• Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

UGANDA, Mukono | Real Muloodi News | Authorities have halted the construction of new structures on disputed Church land in Nakanyonyi Village, Nakifuma-Naggalama Town Council, Mukono District.

The land, which measures 400 acres, has been the subject of a long-standing dispute between Mukono Diocese and 1,000 sitting tenants who claim to have settled there for over 30 years.

To prevent further escalation of tension, the Mukono Resident District Commissioner, Ms Fatuma Ndisaba, said that the construction of new structures had been halted and that neither party was allowed to sell the land or undertake any other activities on it.

Registration and Negotiation

During a recent meeting, security authorities, residents, and Mukono diocesan leaders agreed that all those who claimed to be sitting tenants should be registered so that the land conflict could be settled.

The diocese has agreed to register all bibanja holders (sitting tenants) and compensate some of those who have settled on the Church land for a long time.

They will also compare their documents with those of the sitting tenants.

Ms Ndisaba called on sitting tenants to put their machetes down and engage in negotiations, adding that Naggalama Police Station had been directed to ensure security in the area.

Recent Attacks on Diocesan Institutions

The Mukono Diocese had suspended all activities, including church services and factory operations after unknown assailants attacked and pulled down a section of the wall fence erected around the disputed land.

In a separate attack, machete-wielding assailants attacked Glovers Wilcox School Mission and Evangelism on the disputed land, injuring two tutors, Samuel Kamuze and Herbert Mwene.

The attacks on diocesan institutions in Nakanyonyi are blamed on the long-standing land dispute between the Church and residents.

Past Attacks on Church Officials

In 2016, a group of residents attempted to harm a delegation of 35 bishops, led by the former Archbishop Stanley Ntagali, as they inspected another piece of land in Ntawo Village in Mukono Diocese.

After the inspection ended, a group of residents, who were meeting at a nearby bar, confronted the prelates, hurled insults at them, and threatened to lynch them. The police intervened and dispersed the mob.

The halting of activities on the disputed land in Mukono District is aimed at defusing tension between the Church and residents.

Authorities have called on both parties to engage in negotiations and register all sitting tenants to settle the land conflict.

The Church has agreed to compensate some of the tenants who have settled on the land for a long time and compare their documents with those of the tenants.

The recent attacks on diocesan institutions are blamed on the long-standing land dispute, which has yet to be resolved.


Diocese Suspends Operations Amid Escalating Land Conflicts