• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

Nancy Kalembe, Former Presidential Candidate, Risks Losing Properties Over Debt

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | A financial institution has sought to auction properties worth millions of shillings owned by former Presidential Candidate Nancy Kalembe, due to an accrued debt.

Kalembe is at risk of losing a very prime home; a double-storeyed house with a high perimeter wall at Block 246, Plot 1779 Kyadondo, Wakiso District, as well a large piece of land at Block 443, Plots 112, 115 and 116 Bulemezi County, Central Uganda, all in Nancy Kalembe’s name.

Kalembe was the only female candidate that ran for president in the 2021 general election, in which she ran as an independent, but lost to incumbent President Yoweri Museveni.

Kalembe’s campaign was hampered by financial difficulties, which forced her to suspend her campaign efforts in some rural regions of the country.

At the time, Kalembe noted that she needed between USh120m and USh150m to canvass for votes, print posters, banners, and purchase public address systems, among others.

Now that the bank is seizing her assets, it’s appears that Kalembe may have risked her investments in the hopes of winning the presidential seat and repaying her financial supporters.

The bank, through their lawyers, Ortus Advocates, posted an advertisement in the newspaper on Monday, January 10, suggesting that the properties will be auctioned within 30 days of the date of notice given to Kalembe if she fails to redeem them by paying the monies owed, plus interest and penalties.

The attorneys and auctioneers cautioned that the properties would be sold at auction or by private treaty “after expiry of 30 days from the date of this notice or after that unless the debtor pays all monies owed to our client, plus fees and costs incurred in the process.”

“Upon instructions from our client, a financial institution, we shall proceed to sell by public auction/private treaty the property (land and its developments) under the mortgage Act 2009 and Deed unless the debtor pays all monies owning principal and interest plus our fees, costs and disbursement before the date of sale,” the notice read in part.

About Nancy Kalembe

Nancy Linda Kalembe, the daughter of the late George Patrick Bageya, the former LC-V chairman of Iganga, and Aida Cissy Kubaaza, was born in 1980 when Museveni went to the bush to efficiently and successfully fight the government of Dr Apollo Milton Obote. She made history when she came out to take on a man nearly triple her age for State power.

For O-Level, she attended St Mary’s College Namagunga, and for A-Level, she attended Mariam High School. In 2007, she graduated with A Bachelor of Science in Population Studies from Makerere University.

She entered the Miss Uganda pageant in 2003. Even though she did not win, she was elected Miss Intelligence, which earned her a position with Sanyu FM as a sales and marketing professional. On January 8, 2008, she joined Apprentice Africa, the African version of the American reality TV show hosted by Donald Trump. She finished sixth out of 16 competitors, securing a position with PHP Bank in Nigeria.

Kalembe has sampled the various streams of work before attaining these heights. Kalembe came back to Uganda in 2009 and worked for Orient Bank until 2010 when she left to focus solely on her businesses. She likes swimming in her spare time.

She is the founder of Spring Clean, a cleaning firm, and Mbalimbali Ltd, a pineapple juice and jam production company situated in Nakawa. She served as a news anchor for Uganda Television (UTV), now known as Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC).

She worked as an account manager for Uganda Telecom (UTL) and a Nation Media Group account holder at the Lowe Scanad advertising agency.

Kalembe’s name would go down in Ugandan history as the third female candidate to contend for state authority against Museveni, the others being former First Lady Miria Kalule Obote and Betty Olive Namisango Kamya Turomwe, the current Inspector General of Government (IGG).