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Battle of the Real Muloodis in the Sports Stadium Arena: Rajiv Ruparelia vs. Hamis Kiggundu

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | Real estate muloodi Rajiv Ruparelia has revealed details about his aspirations to build a multi-billion sports stadium project in Kololo. He discussed his plans while appearing on NBS TV’s Lunch Time Sports show on Wednesday.

“I want to build a football stadium, a volleyball court, tennis court, all-weather pitch, gym and a conference facility for all the sports fraternity to use,” said the property tycoon and rally car driver.

Rajiv says the move is to aid sporting talents in Kampala, which lack sports facilities, adding that there will be a nominal fee to use the facility.

According to Rajiv, the modern sports facility will offer employment opportunities to people, while also contributing as a source of government revenue through tax collection.

This is a strikingly similar narrative to that of real estate muloodi Hamis Kiggundu (Ham), CEO of Ham Enterprises.

In an interview with Real Muloodi News in October, Ham discussed his proposal to construct a series of modern sports complexes around the country.

Ham explained his motivations are to provide opportunities for youth in Uganda and develop their talents, as with the entire East and Central African regions, in partnership with the Bayern Uganda Youth ID Programme.

Ham’s proposed facilities will contain football pitches, basketball courts, tennis courts, and swimming pools, as well as administration blocks, vocational schools, dormitories, medical facilities, and more. He has ten facilities planned in different parts of Uganda, each seated on approximately 20 acres of land.

Hamis Kiggundu's proposed Bayern Uganda Youth ID Programme Spots Complexes
Ham’s proposed Bayern Uganda Youth ID Programme Spots Complexes. Image source: Real Muloodi News

The Bayern Uganda Youth ID programme is a long-term aspiration of Ham’s, whose immediate focus is the redevelopment of Kampala’s Nakivubo Stadium.

The Nakivubo Stadium renovations began in June 2017, in a joint venture between the Ugandan government and Ham Enterprises, and ROKO Construction, who are carrying out the work, at an estimated cost of US$49 million.

However, the Nakivubo project has been hit by various setbacks over the years, drawing a lot of criticism from Ham’s business rivals and nay-sayers. Initially, construction was projected to end in 2019. However, despite the considerable progress that has been made, the work is still ongoing.

Progress of Nakivubo stadium
Progress of Nakivubo Sports Stadium in October, 2021. Courtesy photo, Hamis Kiggundu
Progress of Nakivubo stadium
Progress of Nakivubo Stadium in October, 2021. Courtesy photo, Hamis Kiggundu
Progress of Nakivubo stadium
Progress of Nakivubo Stadium in October, 2021. Courtesy photo, Hamis Kiggundu

Rajiv is also facing his own setbacks. While appearing on NBS TV Wednesday, he described the challenges he is having with Kololo Secondary School, who is fighting for the land upon which Rajiv plans to build his facility.

The contested land is along Lugogo Bypass, between Kololo Secondary School and Premier Academy, who jointly use the site as a football ground.

Rajiv claims that individuals in Kololo Secondary School are derailing the project by trying to grab the land.

Rajiv says the school is now showing willingness and ability to develop the land themselves, yet the school had the chance to develop the land from 1956 and has failed to do so.

“It is quite shocking that at a time we have come out expressing our willingness to develop the land, Kololo SS management also wants to when we have the title,” he says.

He revealed the Ruparelia Group acquired its title in 2006.

When asked how he intends to develop the land, Rajiv said he will first put a boundary wall and a gatehouse to control the flow of people. From that point, the stadium development will take two or three years to complete.

“You see, when the Ruparelias say they are doing this, it is done,” he said.

It is unclear if this statement was directed purely at Kololo Secondary School, or if it was a double entendre intended as a slight dig at Ham at the same time.

In the end, all that matters is that both muloodis are working to develop Uganda. As Ham has been urging his fellow countrymen, “it is our responsibility as Ugandans to develop our motherland.”

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