• Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

UGANDA, Kyankwanzi | Real Muloodi News | Residents in Kiyuni Parish, Gayaza Sub County in Kyankwanzi District who were evicted last year are demanding USh10.3b in damages from their landlord, Patricia Alinda Nyakairima.

Ms Nyakairima, the widow of Gen Aronda Nyakairima, claims ownership of the three square mile piece of land and barred residents from accessing their bibanja, or plots of land, saying they are illegal occupants.

Through their lawyers, the evictees say that they will file a legal suit against her alongside the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) if they don’t get any response within 14 days.

The evictees claim that between February 28 and March 3, 2022, Ms Nyakairima, with the aid and protection of armed UPDF soldiers, descended on their villages with eight graders, two excavators, and two tractors and started levelling the ground, leaving only the residents’ homes standing.

The eviction allegedly started from the land on Block 710 Plot 19 without first carrying out any boundary opening exercise and went on the land on Block 711 Plot 3, then Block 711 Plot 5 and 7 and parts of Block 709 Plot 1.

The evictees gave their lawyers photographs and recorded videos of the illegal activities in protection of the UPDF forces.

The lawyers representing the evictees have given Ms Nyakairima 14 days to respond to their claims.

Mr Bruno Sserunkuma, one of the evictees’ lawyers, said, “My team is under instructions to take this matter to Mubende High Court if those people fail to act accordingly.”

On April 3, 2023, Ms Nyakairima’s lawyers of Kob Advocates & Solicitors, the Office of Internal Affairs Minister, and the Chief of Defence Forces acknowledged receipt of the evictees’ intention to sue.

State Minister for Lands, Mr Sam Mayanja, directed more than 300 evictees to return to their ancestral land and prepare for the planting season, which started last month.

Mr Mayanja also ordered the Kyankwanzi Resident District Commissioner, Ms Sharon Ankunda, to ensure that whoever was illegally evicted returns.

The minister claimed that the family of the late Gen Nyakairima gave her wrong information about the disputed land, portraying herself as the sole owner yet there were other landlords.

He announced the cancellation of all land titles held by the family of Gen Nyakairima.

Ms Nyakairima, on the other hand, stated that her family rightfully acquired the land, adding that she was ready to defend it at all costs.

Last week, it emerged that she had allowed a few affected residents to access their bibanja and grow some crops.

Those currently accessing their gardens are under instructions to use the land only during this planting season and leave after harvesting their crops.


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