• Sun. Jun 11th, 2023

Bomb Blast Destroys House in Jinja

UGANDA, Jinja | Real Muloodi News | The home of Samuel Ngobi, a resident of Kibuga-Mbata cell in Jinja City Southern division, was destroyed by a suspected bomb blast. Kiira Region Police are investigating a land dispute as a possible motive.

According to Rhoda Namwase, a resident in the area, a loud blast was heard from Ngobi’s house, and upon investigation, it was discovered that the roof had been blown off and walls cracked. Ngobi and his family were out for dinner when the incident occurred, and they lost all their belongings, including clothing and furniture.

Ngobi claims to have bought the one-acre piece of land on which his house and church sit in 2010, but there are several individuals who have claimed ownership without providing documentation.

The church was previously attached in 2021, when unknown individuals stormed the church, torching it and stealing the music system, which was reported to the police. Suspicion has been raised that those contesting the land are behind the attacks on Ngobi’s property.

Residents of the area, including Ronald Katongole, are concerned about land grabbers using rudimentary methods to gain ownership in the area, which is near the industrial area of Jinja. They are calling for a thorough investigation into the matter by the police.

Kiira Region Police Spokesperson James Mubi has stated that a team of detectives has extracted samples from the rubble, which will undergo forensic analysis at the government analytical laboratory to determine the cause of the fire.


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