• Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

UGANDA, Wakiso | Real Muloodi News | More than 1,000 residents living on disputed prime land in Wakiso are facing a relentless campaign of terror by unruly bouncers, according to their claims.

The land in question, measuring 1,044.9 acres, is located in Busiro Block 53, Plot 15. The estate, previously owned by the late Gabudyeri Lubajja, has been embroiled in a heated family land conflict since last year.

Allegedly acting on the orders of self-proclaimed administrators of the land, private land dealers began demarcating the area, leaving around 1,000 Wakiso residents vulnerable to eviction.

On Thursday 18th May 2023, a group of residents stormed Kawempe Police Station, accusing the police of neglecting their plight and expressing fear over the bouncers who have been attacking them.

These bouncers were reportedly deployed in December of last year by new developers to facilitate the land demarcations

Lawrence Ssekyanzi, a resident, shared his experience of being beaten up by the bouncers. He revealed that the bouncers, armed with machetes and sticks, instil fear in residents.

Ssekyanzi refused to hand over his land agreement and national ID as demanded by the bouncers, resulting in them blocking his way home and assaulting him.

Ssekyanzi says he inherited the plot of land, measuring 50 by 100 feet, from his late father, who had purchased it 40 years ago.

Another resident, Joachim Kyibabu, explained that four men threatened him before driving away when other residents came to his aid.

Kyibabu stated that his deceased parents left behind two acres of land and that he, like others, was coerced into surrendering their land agreements.

The disputed land is subject to contention between the land tenants and Lubajja’s family, who are themselves embroiled in internal disputes among the grandchildren.

The affected villages in Wakiso include Busamba, Gayaza, and Kanziro.

The Backstory

The conflict traces its roots back to December of last year when Richard Ssemitala and Eusterius Ssegantebuka allegedly sold part of the family land, 150 acres, to Berna Nakato, a land dealer in Busamba, Namayumba sub-county, without the consent of the family.

Mathias Mulumba Ssegantebuka, another grandchild of the late Lubajja, took the matter to court to contest the sale.

The disagreements caught the attention of high-ranking officials, including Lands Minister Judith Nabakooba, who ordered a halt to all activities on the disputed land until investigations were completed.

However, Wakiso residents complain that the minister’s orders have been disregarded, and they accuse Nakato of being behind the bouncers.

They demand the minister’s visit to determine the rightful owners of the land, emphasising that they possess land agreements and have been paying property taxes.

Florence Nakakande, a resident who owns three acres of land, stated their plea for government assistance, while Fred Kiruge, another affected resident, urged the government to intervene.

Ssegantebuka emphasised that the new developer fraudulently obtained a special land title and that the court has yet to determine the rightful owner.

He asserted that no one has the authority to evict or terrorise the bona fide landowners until the court reaches a verdict.

Police Investigation and Response

Patrick Onyango, the spokesperson for the Kampala Metropolitan Police, confirmed that they are investigating the residents’ claims of bouncer-led terror and that the culprits will be brought before the court.

He assured the public that thorough investigations will be conducted to determine the situation on the land and to apprehend any individuals found to be terrorising residents.

Attempts to reach Berna Nakato for comment were unsuccessful, although Onyango stated that they had spoken to her and that she denied deploying the bouncers.

Nakato claimed that she had only hired around eight workers to assist with boundary marking.

As the investigation unfolds, the residents remain in a precarious position, facing violence and uncertainty over their homes and land.

The community hopes for swift resolution and intervention from the authorities to address their grievances and restore peace and security in the area.


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