• Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | Constructing a studio apartment on a 50x100ft plot can be an affordable and practical housing solution. Studio apartments are single-room units with a kitchen, suitable for individuals such as bachelors, students, or spinsters. “A studio apartment is basically a self-contained unit and houses everything in the single room space except the bathroom,” explains builder Moses Lwanga.

Lwanga says these structures are very popular for people looking for an affordable investment that they can rent out. However, he warns that before embarking on such a construction project, it is essential to consult a professional designer and consider the estimated costs, which depend on factors like location, plot size, and personal finances.

Design and Space Usage

When designing a studio apartment, it is crucial to optimise space usage. Plan for a sitting area with two seats and a small table, a bed area, and two shelves (one serving as a wardrobe and the other for utensils), and allocate space for a TV table and music systems.

The room should have one door and at least two windows to ensure proper ventilation and natural light.

Cost Breakdown

The cost of building a studio apartment can vary depending on several factors. The foundation may cost around USh2m to USh2.5m, including materials like cement, sand, and bricks.

The walls, including the ring beam, may cost USh1m to USh1.5m. The finishing touches, such as tiling, painting, and plastering, can amount to USh1m to USh2m.

Additionally, consider allocating around USh1m for doors and windows, and USh2m to USh2.5m for roofing materials, depending on whether you choose tiles or iron sheets.

Don’t forget to factor in the cost of essential services like electricity and water connection.

Proper Supervision and Cost Reduction

Proper supervision is crucial throughout the construction process to avoid errors, costly rework, and unnecessary wastage of time and money.

Engaging a construction engineer or professional supervisor can help ensure the project proceeds smoothly and efficiently.

To lower costs, and maintain consistency in room sizes, as it simplifies material budgeting. Opt for a simple design that requires fewer columns, allowing contractors to complete the project more quickly.

Maximise space by incorporating more facing windows to take advantage of natural views. Ensuring major rooms have large windows with good views can attract potential tenants or buyers.

Durable Materials

Using strong and durable materials is essential for the longevity of the building. Select materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions and contribute to the structural integrity of the apartment.

By investing in durable materials, you can avoid frequent repairs and ensure the longevity of the construction.

Building a studio apartment on a 50x100ft plot can be a cost-effective housing solution. By carefully planning the design, optimising space usage, considering cost-saving strategies, and using quality materials, you can create a functional and durable living space.

Consulting professionals, adhering to zoning regulations, and proper supervision throughout the construction process are crucial to ensure a successful project, says Lwanga.


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