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Building Owners Beware: A Demolition Permit is Required Before Razing a Structure

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | Before demolishing a building, the owner must first seek approval from their local authority, whether that be the town council, municipality, or the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA).

While most owners are aware of the requirement to obtain a building permit prior to commencing construction of a property, not all are aware that before razing a structure, the owner must likewise get a demolition permit.

Failure to secure a demolition permit gives local authorities the mandate to suspend building activities at the site.

Additionally, not having a demolition permit may also be an obstacle for building later.

“To set up a new structure, you must have both the demolition and building permits,” explains Dr Richard Irumba, the Manager of Land and Engineering Surveying at KCCA.

As we looked at the building fees and permits so building owners could know the regulations and requirements in our previous article, we are now discussing the demolition fees and permits mandated for building owners.

Demolition Permit Application Process

The Building Control Act of 2013 governs the permitting of the demolition of buildings.

Dr Irumba explains that before carrying out a demolition exercise, building owners must apply for a permit.

The Building Committee then grants the permit, but KCCA examines each case before approval.

“And if the property is situated on public land, the Kampala District Land Board approves the application,” he adds.

In addition, the owner must give at least fourteen days notice in writing to the Building Committee specifying the date on which the demolition shall commence.

The Building Committee may impose conditions as are necessary for the safety and health, convenience of the public and safety of any building which may be affected by the demolition. For example, the Building Committee may prohibit the use of a method of demolition if they deem the method is likely to create a danger to human life, other building, or property.

The person demolishing the structure also has a responsibility not leave a building or demolition site in a dangerous condition. If the Building Committee finds a building that is left in a dangerous condition, they may carry out the necessary work at the cost of the owner of the site.

Demolition Permit Fees

Demolition permit fees are charged differently in cities, municipalities, and town councils. KCCA charges USh2 million, while Kira and Mukono municipalities charge USh 1.5 million.

Town councils and districts charge USh500,000.

All fees are subjected to 18% VAT. This means that those demolishing buildings in Kampala city pay a total sum of USh2,370,000.

For changes in use applications, such as from residential to commercial use, KCCA issues them free of charge.


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