• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

UGANDA, Kayunga | Real Muloodi NewsProperty worth millions were lost on Wednesday, 22nd February as a fire ravaged Kayunga buildings and makeshift structures in Kayunga Central Zone.

According to residents, the fire that occurred was allegedly caused by an electric spark from sagging electricity wires above one of the buildings.

The burnt buildings housed shops, video halls, bars, betting and sports centres.

The Kayunga Central Zone LCI chairperson, Mr Tonny Wamuti, claimed the spark ignited the fire that caught one of the makeshift buildings and then spread to other buildings.

The Kayunga fire brigade was quickly informed, as they are located approximately 300 meters away. They arrived at the scene quickly.

However, by the time the team arrived, the wildfire had already spread to other buildings, and all property had burnt to ashes.

An eyewitness said the fire brigade’s water supply ran out before the fire was extinguished, and they had to go back to get more water. Upon returning, the fire had engulfed more buildings.

Some affected residents suspected that an arsonist was paid by people who want to grab the land on which the burnt buildings are established.

“Someone deliberately burnt these buildings they want to grab our land,” said Mr Sam Lutalo, one of the affected residents.

Another resident, Mr Lawrence Kizito, said he lost property worth USh10m and did not know where to start.

Ms Faidah Kulabako, the Kayunga Town Clerk, said the way the structures were built made it easy for the fire to spread and cause much damage.

She intends to guide on how new structures would be built following a proper plan.

Mr Wamuti’s grandfather’s house was among the buildings that were razed to the ground.

Investigations into what caused the fire are still ongoing, according to a police officer attached to the Kayunga police fire brigade.


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