• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Catherine Kusasira: Makindye House up for Auction over Debt

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News Cranimer Associates has advertised the home of Presidential Advisor and singer Catherine Kusasira in Luwaffu, Makindye, as up for auction.

The property is located on Block 273, Plot 7 Abbas Road in Luwafu, Makindye, and is registered in the name of Fred Serugga, who is also the guarantor.

Catherine Kusasira was identified as the debtor in newspaper adverts.

“Upon instructions from our client a registered Mortgagee, we shall proceed to sell the under mentioned property and developments thereon if any, after the expiry of the thirty (30) days from the date of this notice or thereafter unless the mortgagor/debtor, pays all monies owed to our client, plus our fees and costs incurred in the process,” the advert read.

The property will be sold within the next 30 days unless the debtor (Catherine Kusasira) pays her creditor in full.

The artist is also required to pay Cranimer Associates’ advertising expenses and expenditures for the sale of the property. If she fails to pay, she will no longer be the owner of the multi-million home.

Cranimer Associates Notice of Auction
Cranimer Associates Notice of Auction

Occupants of the stated property have also been allowed a week (seven days) to evacuate the premises so that prospective purchasers can inspect it.

“All occupants are required to vacate within seven days from the date of this notice to enable prospective buyers to inspect the” property, reads the advert.

Kusasira, who has recently openly admitted that she is drowning in debt noted that she is not worried about the house and she doesn’t need social media help.

She confirmed the notice, that it is true the bank is advertising her property because of a heavy loan.

Kusasira’s debt to the creditor has not been disclosed by the law firm but according to the singer, they are currently demanding her USh78 million in arrears.

“It is true, I got that loan in 2017 before Covid-19 and it was a loan of Shs.100m. I managed to pay Shs.80m before Covid-19. So when we reached in Covid, they told us to pay after Covid and that is how money accumulated,” she revealed.

“It’s true I’m in debt, like everyone else. Loan sharks take your things… There is a lot that has happened in my life that you didn’t know about for a long time. But I’m a strong woman. I saw people saying a lot, but I haven’t asked anyone to help me… In the Bible, there is a man called Job, he was a governor. Job lost everything he owned and I think he turned into a puppet. [More on this read: Job 1:13-22]. He became a laughing stock. But since he was a believer, he didn’t lose hope,” said Catherine Kusasira.

“Personally, I haven’t asked anyone to help me… If they have taken my things, that’s God’s wish. How can a presidential advisor lose her things? Who am I? Am I better than those in government that have lost their assets? Have I ever got the kind of salary they get? They can also take mine. I have not worked in a while… I last worked in 2018… I don’t owe President Museveni anything, everything he promised, he did most of it,” she went on.

“But I can also assure you that there are things he promised and they weren’t delivered by those he told to. But I don’t owe him… So, if that house goes, let it go, I’ll get another one. You know I used to live in a bed-sitter rental. Isn’t that where we started? And I used to wish for a two-roomed rental.”

The singer was primarily dissatisfied with individuals who were surprised that someone close to the president could fail to pay a loan.

However, as previously stated, she stated that other people strained her relationship with the president and that the only money she received was from music entrepreneur Balaam Barugahara, who is also connected to the first family.

“What I know is that there are people the president put in the system that will fulfill my plans because I know the president’s word is an order. I haven’t asked Facebook people to help me,” she said, adding that she will continue working for the president.

“The bank put information in newspapers, it’s not me… it’s Balaam who gave me money, not State House, but people don’t want to believe me… What I’m sure of is that I’m a strong woman… I’m strong. If a house is gone, I’ll get another one… I believe that God who gave me,… I want to be like Job… even if they take my house, I won’t abandon President Museveni… I know he’ll fight for me.”

When questioned if she had approached the President for assistance, given her position as a top presidential advisor, Kusasira stated that the controller is addressing the situation and that it would be resolved soon.

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