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UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | A lot goes into constructing and then decorating a home. Most people around the world are more concerned than ever about not just the size of their home, but also how beautiful it looks.

White and flat come to mind when ceilings are mentioned. Despite the fact that ceilings comprise about 1/6th of the total space of a home’s interior, the ceiling is usually the last thing homeowners give a lot of thought to when designing their homes.

However, trendy ceiling designs can give a room an exclusive, exceptional ambience that no art or furniture can do. The perfect ceiling design will vary from house to house and even room to room, depending on the space, walls, and overall theme of the house.

There are infinite patterns, colours and styles that you can choose like beamed to a tray ceiling or cove to the modern drop ceiling.

Let’s look at various ceiling designs: 


A conventional ceiling, the kind most commonly found in homes, have a standard drywall finish and are made of lower-cost materials, requiring easy installation.

Conventional ceilings are typically plain and flat, and are usually between 8 to 9 feet high. But even with a conventional ceiling, raising the ceiling by a few feet can open up space significantly, and even increase a building’s value for resale.

standard ceiling
Contemporary living room with stone fireplace and a standard ceiling. Image Source: Designing Idea

A beamed ceiling has exposed joists and beams. Beam ceilings create visual interest and bring individual flair to the home. It adds comfort and warmth to your ceilings. They are usually of timber, but you can also use a combination of other materials.

Beamed is the perfect choice for ceilings in casual spaces. The beam style will not detract from magnificence.

ceiling designs
Wood beam living room – Image source: immobiliaresoresinese

A coffered ceiling is a traditional technique used for centuries. A series of grids raise a section of the standard ceiling combined with architectural moulding, timber boards or beams, and pressed metal.

Add a dramatic architectural effect to your home ceilings with the coffered style that brings light and luxury to a space. The coffered style involves rectilinear panels overhead and will effectively draw eyes to it.

Coffered ceiling design.
Coffered ceiling design. Image source: Houzz

A vaulted ceiling angles up toward the roof and extends higher than the standard eight-to-ten-foot height of average flat ceilings. This design gives an airy feeling to your home. You can also add a dome or maybe an arch and, of course, a barrel. The shape of your house ceiling will foretell the type of style to choose.

The good thing is, apart from false ceilings, you can choose to decorate your ceiling with other designs, as shared below.
Ceiling designs
Vaulted ceiling, Image source: kimrichmanteam

The biggest benefit of skylights is how they let in natural light, dispelling dark and gloomy spaces. A ceiling designed with skylights adds a specific tone of warmth and brightness to your home.

Pitched roof velux skylights- Image source: Enroll Business
Applying Paints

Apply colours for the beautification of your home ceilings. You can coordinate with the colours of your home furniture, the walls, your drapes, and other house furnishings. You can also use paint murals or customised ceiling papers.

Mural Painting
Custom Wall Mural Painting Blue Sky White Clouds Peach Blossom Ceiling Modern Designs 3D Living Room. Image source: AliExpress

Thoroughly consider every detail of your home, such as the nooks, corners, or prime space. In addition, these minor details curve the shape of your home and, of course, how well others will receive it.

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