• Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

Church Lacks Proper Documentation for Donated Land

UGANDA, Nakaseke | Real Muloodi News | While at the Kasana-Luweero catholic diocese fundraising-the Bishop’s Annual Appeal Fund (BAAFU) at Kasana Cathedral, Bishop Rt. Rev. Paul Ssemogerere revealed to the congregation that the diocese is losing a considerable percentage of donated land because they don’t have the proper documentation.

Bishop Rt. Rev. Paul Ssemogerere revealed several instances where relatives of the donated land challenged the Kasana-Luweero catholic diocese in his speech. In many of these cases, the relatives have been able to reclaim the donated land because the donors never left the church the proper documents.

The reverend cited cases in Mulajje Parish, Mulungiomu Village, and Kijaguzo Parish in Nakaseke district.

About eighty years ago, the church in Mulajje Parish received a donation of over 60 acres of land. However, the families of the donors have repossessed forty-five acres of land from the church.

In Mulungiomu Village, a former resident, Anne Mubiri (now deceased), donated 50 acres to the church, but now the church is struggling with the relatives. The deceased did not leave the church any documents.

In Kijaguzo Parish, a resident named Columbus donated 150 acres. The church has battled with the grandchildren for over three years now, but they have since won and repossessed the donated 150 acres of land.

According to Bishop Rt. Rev. Paul Ssemogerere, the church needs to do more to secure land titles of donated land. 

Rev. Fr. Pontian Ssonko, the Kasana-Luweero Diocesan Treasurer General, said the most significant percentage of this year’s BAAFU would focus on processing documents for such land.

Going into the fundraising, the target was to raise 100 million shillings. However, by the end of the fundraising, the church had only raised 70 million shillings.

The church blamed the shortfall on the COVID-19 pandemic, as it affected the income of potential contributors.

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