• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | The case involving city lawyer Felix Kintu Nteza and six others is currently being heard by the High Court Land Division Judge in Kampala.

They are accused of defrauding and seizing the land belonging to their client Hajji Abdul Dumba, who lives in the city suburb of Bunamwaya.

According to the court’s records, Dumba claims that Kintu, together with six other individuals, took possession of his land.

The parcel of land in question is 40 decimals in size and is located in Busingiri, Bunamwaya.

Emmy Kyeyune, Steven Ssaava, Latter Day Investments Limited, Douglas Ssebunza, Rebecca Nakimuli, and Sam Ndiwalana are named as Kintu’s other accomplices.

Ddumba asserts that lawyer Kintu and his associates stole his land after he used the lawyer’s expertise to put the land in his name. Kintu transferred the land to other names rather than the rightful owner (his client).

Dumba has been keeping track of his lawsuit, which was filed in 2015 and has been heard by several judges.

The Allegations

Hajji Ddumba presents several allegations of fraud committed by the defendants in the updated complaint he has submitted to the High court.

He claims that Kyeyune Emmy and Latter-day Investments Limited, along with attorney Kintu Nteza, improperly transferred his (the plaintiff’s) land to them while fully aware that it belonged to him, Hajji Ddumba (the plaintiff).

He claims that Kintu and Ssava Steven defrauded him (the plaintiff) by declining to process the land title as previously promised in the Land Sale agreement.

Ddumba claims that Kyeyune Emmy and Latter Day Investments attempted to acquire the suit land while in reality, he is the rightful owner (the plaintiff).

Additionally, he claims that Kyeyune and Latter Day Investments filed baseless trespass criminal charges against him (the Plaintiff) to the police to have him removed from his land.

On Tuesday, October 25, at a court proceeding, Kintu, who appeared alone, informed the judge that three of his co-accused had died.

After confirming from the burial grounds that the dead did pass away, the court was impelled to order the petitioners to revise the complaint and remove the deceased.

The judge postponed the case until November 29, 2022.


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