• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

UGANDA, Agago Real Muloodi News | The intended development of Wol Seed Secondary School in Wol Sub County, the Agago area, is in jeopardy due to a land dispute.

Wol Seed Secondary School is one of 111 institutions identified by the government to be built with the World Bank loan assistance under the Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfer (UgIFT) Program in designated sub-counties with no secondary schools beginning this fiscal year.

According to the government, building Wol Seed Secondary School will cost USh2.3 billion. The Ministry of Education and Sports is presently purchasing the land where the school will be constructed.

However, the three people occupying the land targeted for purchase, Matheo Otiti, Rev. Charles Okello, and Thomas Ocan, have taken the school’s Board of Governors and Ventorino Okello, one of the residents to the high court, claiming ownership of the land in question. The size of the disputed land is approximately 6.5-acres.

Ventorino Okello donated the disputed land for the school’s development in 2010. 

According to court papers, the three claim to be the legitimate proprietors of the land, having received it from their grandfather.

The petitioners, represented by Egaru and Company Advocates, ask the court to impose a permanent injunction prohibiting the school and Ventorino Okello from utilising, claiming, or getting any advantages or remuneration from the school occupying the land.

The Wol Sub County LC III Chairperson, Thomas Ojok Akaka, claims that he has convened multiple meetings to resolve the property issue but in vain. Residents are concerned that the problem may cause the seed school’s construction to be delayed and force the government to withdraw funds.

According to Akaka, the civil complaint against the school has discouraged citizens, particularly parents who have begun sending their children to schools in the neighbouring Parbongo sub-county and Kalongo Town Council, both of which are more than 10 kilometres away.

According to Akaka, before the statewide lockdown precipitated by the COVID-19 epidemic, the school had over 580 students.

Morris Ocana, Vice-Chairperson of the Agago District LC V, blames the dispute on a conflict of interest by former members of the school board, who are allegedly encouraging local community members against the school’s development.

He claims that the district is aware of the issue and that their legal team is working hard to save the school from the obstacles that might further postpone the project’s completion.

Stephen Oloya Gunya, Chief Administrative Officer of Agago, admits the issue. He informs the public that they are taking all necessary efforts to remedy the problem without jeopardising the project.


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