• Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

UGANDA, Kabale Real Muloodi NewsFour civil servants in Kigezi Sub-region have been apprehended on charges of embezzlement, abuse of office, and causing financial loss.

The arrests were carried out on Tuesday 16th May 2023 by officials from the State House Anti-Corruption Unit, who handed over the suspects to the police.

Among those arrested are the Rubanda District Engineer, Mr Denis Twesigomwe, the Rubanda District Water Officer, Mr David Otika, the Ryakarimira Town Council Engineer in Kabale District, Mr Spencer Ngabirano and the Kanungu District Senior Engineer, Mr Eric Mutumba Sivaseya.

Denis Twesigomwe – District Engineer Rubanda District was arrested over shoddy work at Mpungu HCIII where he was the project manager. He also cleared certificates of completion of works resulting in the payment of over UGX448,975,405.

Eric Mutumba Sivaseya – District Engineer Kanungu LG was arrested over irregularities in the construction project to upgrade Ntungamo H/CII to III. He certified an overpayment of UGX55M to the contractor Kaleeta Construction Ltd & yet the works were incomplete & shoddily done.

Spencer  Ngabirano – Town Engineer, Ryakarimira T/C, Kabale District. He conspired with the former Town Clerk, Alex Ampaire to defraud the town council over UGX105M meant to be paid to the contractor for the construction of the Multipurpose council hall & renovation of staff houses.

Mr Ngabirano also originated and cleared requisitions for the UGX105M which the town clerk, withdrew and fled. The staff houses which were roofed are all dilapidated and inhabitable with no windows doors or floors.

David Otike – District Water Officer Rubanda district was arrested for causing a financial loss of over UGX600M that was used in the construction of a water reserve without a water source. This is a component of the proposed Bushura water project that will cost over UGX6.2BN.

The accused individuals were taken to Kabale police station for safe custody, with plans underway to transfer them to the State House Anti-Corruption Unit headquarters in Kampala for further investigations.

The arrests occurred at the Kabale Municipal Council offices where the suspects had gone to provide statements regarding the alleged misappropriation of funds from government projects under their supervision.

The inspection of various government projects in Kigezi by State Minister for Economic Monitoring, Ms Beatrice Akello Akori, and officials from the State House Anti-Corruption Unit last week revealed substandard work in several locations.

Projects affected by the alleged misconduct include staff quarters at Ryakarimira Town Council, Mpungu Health Center III, Bushura Gravity Flow Scheme, and other initiatives in Rubanda District and Kanungu District.

In response, Minister Akori directed the State House Anti-Corruption Unit officials to investigate the reported cases of substandard work and promptly arrest those responsible.

The arrests made signify a commitment to combating corruption and ensuring accountability in public projects in the Kigezi sub-region.


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