• Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

UGANDA, Kampala/Wakiso | Real Muloodi News | Bruce Nuwagaba, Construction Engineer and Manager, recently authored an article for The Ugandan Wire about how much it costs to build rental units on an existing 50×100ft plot of land in Kampala or Wakiso. 

Mr Nuwagaba outlined a detailed cost analysis for the construction of double room rentals, with ample parking space for three cars.

The assumptions taken during his cost analysis are that double modern rooms with full-home requirements have;

  • A sitting room of 11.5 sqm, floor area, 
  • A kitchen of 2.4 sqm, 
  • A bedroom and bathroom of 19 sqm, 
  • Fully finished with floor tiles.

If each rental house occupied 41 sqm, on a 50×100ft plot, five units would fit with enough parking space for 3-4 cars.

The cost of constructing each double room unit would range from USh44m to USh50m.

Therefore, the cost of constructing all five units would range from USh200m to USh300m. This includes structural materials and labour from the foundation to the roof: House Painting, tiling, kitchen and bathroom plumbing, windows and doors, and VAT.

The rental income for each complete structure would be USh 400,000-500,000 per month. Therefore, the income on all five units would be USh2m to USh2.5m per month, according to Mr  Nuwagaba. 

SUBSTRUCTURE: USh 47,902,510

Considering the current rate of materials and labour, USh 47, 902,510 comprises foundation excavation, foundation strip concrete, plinth walls, hardcore and DPM, cement, sand, aggregates, and BRC for the over-site slabs for the entire five units, says Mr Nuwagaba.

Of the five units, each unit would cost USh 9,580,502.


This cost covers brickwork using well-burnt clay bricks up to the roof, tie-beam level, ring beam, plaster, paint, tiles, kitchen cabins, and balcony railings. Finishes (plaster, tiles and paint) would be USh 52,817,000 for all units.

ROOFING: USh 30,355,000

This estimated cost by Mr Nuwagaba includes 26 gauge galvanized flexible sheets, wooden purlins and rafters, tie beam, and 225×2 mm face board for all five units. It also included materials and labour costs for the roofing. In addition, each apartment has a rainwater collection system that comprises half-round gutters, descending pipes, and water tanks.


For steel casement windows, 10No (1500×1500 mm), 5No (700×1500 mm), 5No (700×900 mm), 5No (1500×2400 mm) steel casement doors and 10No internal solid wood doors (900×2400) would cost USh 20,405,000 with each unit consuming around USh 4,418,000.

Fabrication, delivery, and installation, as well as ironmongery for each door and window, are all included in this price.


Mr Nuwagaba further notes that with USh 20,500,000, you will fix all electrical works and plumbing in all the units. Wiring switches, plugs, lighting, and bathroom fittings, such as showers, toilet seats, washbasins, and kitchen sinks, are among them, including labour.

Boundary walls, parking pavement, gates and gatehouses, and septic tanks are not included in this research.



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