• Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | Milly Mubiru was a young graduate with a degree in education, full of dreams and aspirations. She secured a teaching job at Kabojja Secondary School in 1998 and together with her husband Peter, started saving towards her dream of owning a home.

The couple’s journey towards homeownership was not without its challenges, but they remained steadfast in their determination to achieve their dream.

Milly and Peter’s inspiring journey has taken them over 20 years from the time they purchased their plot in 1998, to the time they finished construction in 2019.

How They Started

After diligently saving, Milly and Peter bought a 50x100ft plot of land for USh2 million in Luteete village, along Gayaza Road in Wakiso district.

Despite the couple’s initial hesitation to buy the plot in the overgrown area with few residents, Milly’s family convinced them to make the purchase.

“The neighbourhood was bushy and lightly populated. We were hesitant to take it on, but my maternal auntie convinced us and the rest is history,” she recalls.

Initially, they did not have money to start construction. So they continued renting along Mawanda Road, on the outskirts of Kampala.

To secure the land from land grabbers, the couple allowed a neighbour to cultivate it under the supervision of Milly’s auntie, who lived meters away. They would also ensure to pass by once in a while.

Building their Dream Home in Phases

After continuing to save money, Milly and Peter embarked on building their home in phases due to their tight budget.

A friend of Milly’s sister, who was an architect, helped them draw the house plan. They made a site visit with her to ascertain if the plan was feasible. However, when they got to the site, they realized that the plan was too big to fit in the plot of land. Milly and Peter chose to adjust the plan to a smaller house than the original size the architect had drawn.

Milly explains, “I have never wanted a big house because it requires a lot of money to complete and takes a lot to maintain it. I also keep in mind the empty nest syndrome.”

Milly and Peter began construction in the early 2000s, taking a step at a time and building brick by brick over the years.

“We decided not to rush, but wait until it was complete with all installations and furnishings. We had already waited long enough and therefore had nothing to lose,” says Milly.

No Need for an Interior Designer

After the construction was complete, the couple did not have money to hire an interior designer to do the furnishings. Therefore, Milly took it upon herself to design the interior of the house.

“My husband gave me the liberty to choose the tiles, paint, and all the accessories. I followed my taste with the guidance of our engineer,” she says.

While it is common for homeowners to make adjustments in their homes following trends, Milly is happy with how she designed her house and does not plan to change anything.

“I was careful when designing my house. I am contented. I have never wished to change anything,” she says.

A Dream Home

The three-bedroom house has a living room, dining area, and servants’ quarters. The garage is detached from the main house.

“You do not have to have a lot of money to own a home,” Says Milly.

“Do not compare yourself with others. Begin by saving, little by little and buy land. Once this is accomplished, deliberately begin the journey to save towards construction. Do it in phases, taking a step at a time. It is also important to take time and find a trusted and experienced construction expert to help you through this process. He or she should also be affordable, such that the services offered fit in your budget,” Milly advises.

Peter and Milly Mubiru’s journey is an inspiration to many who are looking to build their own homes. By following their example and taking the time to plan, save, and be intentional about every aspect of their homes, anyone can achieve the dream of homeownership.


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