• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi NewsFor many Ugandans of modest means, saving the money to buy a plot of land and to build a home can take a long time. During which you are paying rent to someone else, diverting money away from your own home aspirations.

Ugandan company DPRO Design has designed a small one-bedroom home that can serve as a low cost starter house to get you out of the rent-race. DPRO created their bungalow house design to fit in within the popular Ugandan plot size of 50 X 100 square feet.

The design includes an indoor bathroom, kitchenette and small dining area. This tiny home also features floor-to-ceiling doors and windows, to make it airy and open. Furthermore, the home is designed to operate off-grid; integrated into the design are solar panels, a water tank, and an air conditioning unit.

The best part is that this simple design is expandable into a two-bedroom, storied house. This allows you to build in stages, enabling you to move into the home so that you can stop paying rent. You can then save your rent money to put towards your home expansion.

Let’s take a video tour of this ingenious tiny-home design:

WATCH: DPRO Design 1 Bedroom Low Cost Starter House

The Details:

Floor Plan available in metric system:

  • Total Land Area (used in video and photos) = 450sqm/ 1500sqft
  • Total Floor Area = 32.5sqm/ 350sqft


  • Open plan living room, kitchen and dining
  • Bedroom, with a closet
  • A full bathroom (shower and toilet/ WC) is accessible from the dining area
  • Backyard balcony
  • More than 3 vehicle parking space

First Floor/ Roof:

  • Optional rooftop access
  • Rooftop can be adapted as a flat roof with activity access (laundry, patio or solar system) – Access to water tanks, PV/ Solar System, Air Conditioning System.

The off-grid design features SoloGrid solar unit SG140+ Backup solution, with 350w PV (solar panels). This is a popular choice for residential, school and medical solar solutions. Furthermore, this SoloGrid system integrates well with Umeme, to work as an alternative source of power and backup system during load shedding. SoloGrid is also expandable to grow with your growing energy needs as you expand your design in future phases.
You can find more information on the SoloGrid website.

The Cost?

The approximate construction cost of this low cost starter house in Uganda, with premium and luxury finishes: UGX 20,000,000

About DPRO Design

DPRO Design is made up of a small team of architects, engineers, designs and construction specialists who believe construction should be more affordable. They endeavour to avail beautiful, but low-cost housing plans to everyone.

On DPRO Design’s website, you can purchase detailed plans to build this stunning design for yourself, for only USD $20. You can also purchase the Bill of Quantities & Material Schedule, prepared by a quantity surveyor that provides project specific measured quantities of the items of work identified by the drawings and specifications in the building documentation. Reference: Design # DA11101A

The DPRO Design team can even provide services to adapt & customise the design to your particular plot and needs.

You can stop renting and become a homeowner, even on a tiny budget.

In Part 2 of This Series, we cover the low-cost upgrade that transforms the one-bedroom starter home into a two-bedroom, storied home.


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