• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

UGANDA, Mutungo | Real Muloodi News | In a long-standing land ownership dispute in Mutungo-Luzira, a new twist has emerged as one of the claimants involved in the case has requested the court to issue orders for compensation to be disbursed.

Dr Muhammad Buwule Kasasa, the registered proprietor of the disputed land, has been locked in a legal battle with the administrators of the estate of former Buganda King Edward Frederick Muteesa II for over two decades regarding the ownership of two prime plots of land in Nakawa Division.

The land in question, known as Kyadondo Block 237 in Mutungo-Luzira, was purchased by Dr Kasasa from Lake View Properties in 1978/1979.

In November 2022, the Court of Appeal dismissed an appeal filed by the administrators, challenging a decision made by the High Court.

The High Court had previously dismissed the claim made by the administrators of Muteesa II’s estate, namely Nalinya Dorothy Nasolo, Nalinya Sarah Kagere, and Prince David Wasajja.

These family members contended that the disputed land was part of their late father’s estate. In 2006, the royal family initiated a lawsuit against Dr Kasasa, alleging that he had illegally acquired the land through the use of forged powers of attorney for the transfer of titles from Muteesa.

However, in a ruling last year, the court confirmed Dr Kasasa’s ownership of the disputed land. Unfortunately, the government has taken over the land for the construction of the Southern Bypass through the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA), leaving Dr Kasasa in need of compensation.

Dr Kasasa, being the registered owner of the land, has applied to his lawyers, S.K Kiiza & Co. Advocates, seeking orders for the release of compensation funds amounting to over USh1 billion. This application follows the dismissal of the claim made by the royal family.

Dr Kasasa has approached the administrators of the estate, UNRA, and the Attorney General, asserting his right to receive compensation.

In a sworn statement, Dr Kasasa highlighted his advanced age and the financial resources required for proper healthcare and management.

He explained that he invested in the land to secure his future during old age. Dr Kasasa expressed his readiness to deposit the land’s certificates of title to the government, excluding the portion affected by the acquired right of way.

He urgently needs the released funds for medical treatment abroad and to support his family.

Justice Flavia Matovu Nassuuna has instructed the involved parties to submit their responses to Dr Kasasa’s application by June 22.

Dr Kasasa emphasised the urgency of the situation, given his health concerns and the complications he currently faces due to the unavailability of compensation funds.

Despite his attempts to resolve the matter administratively, he has encountered obstacles. The court’s decision on the release of compensation funds will have a significant impact on Dr Kasasa’s ability to seek medical treatment and provide for his family.


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