• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

DP Urges Govt to Combat Land Grabbing for Increased Production

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | The Democratic Party (DP) has called on the government to intensify its efforts in fighting land grabbing, citing its negative impact on production.

According to the DP, the country’s economy is suffering due to the widespread issue of land grabbing, particularly affecting small-scale farmers.

DP President General Norbert Mao highlighted that land that has been grabbed remains unused as the rightful owners are entangled in legal battles against the grabbers.

Consequently, this has led to a decline in overall production. Mao emphasised the need to address this problem in order to restore economic stability.

“We cannot dream of having a stable economy when we still keep witnessing cases of land grabbing. Something must be done to rescue the economic stability,” Mao said.

During a meeting with the EU envoy on May 30, 2023, Mao expressed concern over the insufficient funding allocated to the agriculture sector, stating that this practice perpetuates economic instability.

He stressed that agriculture serves as the backbone of the country’s economy and therefore should receive a more substantial budget allocation.

Mao, who also serves as the justice minister, proposed that the agriculture sector should receive at least 15% of the national budget allocation to foster a robust economy. He emphasised the importance of intentional and strategic funding for the sector.

According to a report by the International Fund for Agricultural Development, the agriculture sector in Uganda contributes approximately 23% to the gross domestic product (GDP) and employs around 60% of the labour force, a figure that continues to grow alongside the population.

However, Mao pointed out that the increasing cases of land grabbing are hampering the sector’s potential, resulting in a decline in its contribution to the GDP.

Mao lamented the fact that agriculture, which was once a source of pride, now adds less value to the country’s GDP.

He emphasised the urgency of tackling land grabbing to revitalise the agriculture sector and stimulate economic growth.

The DP’s call to combat land grabbing resonates with the need to protect the rights of small-scale farmers and promote sustainable land use, ultimately contributing to increased production and a more stable economy.


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