• Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

UGANDA, Mbarara | Real Muloodi News | When one talks of rentals, most often, the thought is of housing units for people. But, did you know you can build agricultural rental units and generate a lot of money on your homestead?

Building rental units is not just for accommodating people. You can build animal structures and rent them out to aspiring farmers. These structures are ideal for farmers who don’t have enough room, or only need the units for a short time.

Professor Alex Ariho, director of Excel Hort Consult Agribusiness Incubator (ECHAI) Ltd, tells the Daily Monitor that agricultural rental units, like any other business enterprise, pay handsomely.

“Whereas rental units in agriculture can be an ideal investment at your homestead, especially in urban areas where land is scarce, it is also an employment opportunity and a good startup for those with little income, especially for the youth. Luckily, even the tenants can quickly reap the benefits because of the increasing demand for food in urban areas,” Prof Ariho explains.

The professor owns agricultural rental units at the ECHAI house in Biharwe, Mbarara City. 

What to Consider When Planning to Build Agricultural Rental Units:

Consult a Professional

Prof Ariho advises that just like rental units for accommodating people, agricultural rental units also require the help of a consultant during construction. The consultant ensures the rental units meet the needed requirements and are acceptable for the inputs they will accommodate.

Site Location and Construction Plan

The location of the site and the construction plan are both critical factors to consider.

For example, Professor Ariho recommends that while building a pig rental unit, elevate the place enough to avoid flooding. The animals should be comfortable. Protect the pigs from the sun with plenty of shade. The shelter should have sufficient ventilation to avoid overheating, unpleasant odours, or dampness. It should also be far enough away from residences (about 8-10 meters), and have reliable water.

Maintenance and Repairs

Professor Ariho adds that, like other types of rentals, you should not overlook the importance of keeping agricultural rentals units in good condition. The rentals may require regular maintenance and repairs.

“Keeping everything in your property up to the standard is critical for the safety of inputs of your tenants. If you feel taking care of your agricultural rental units will be a challenge for you, appoint a rental manager,” Professor Ariho explains. 

Those who don’t own land and the unemployed, particularly young people in cities, can earn a living through working in agricultural rentals.


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