• Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

Entebbe Deputy RDC Drawn into Land Dispute

UGANDA, Entebbe | Real Muloodi News | Jacqueline Kankunda, the Entebbe Deputy Resident District Commissioner, has been drawn into a land dispute in the Wakiso District.

Ms Kankunda is accused of giving a group of residents in Kajjansi Town Council the order to trespass into a five-acre plot of property in Busiro Block 486 Plot 17, Kajolya.

Mr Bonnie Nsambu, managing director of Professional Engineering Consultants, says he is the rightful owner of the land, having purchased it from Ben Mayanja in 2007.

However, on January 25, 2020, one Angela Kizza lead a group of five persons claiming to be from Entebbe deputy RDC’s office onto his property, claiming the land had been sold to him without the knowledge of all of the land owners. The names of the persons in the group were Angela Kizza, Micheal Muleme, Annet Luyiga, Ben Lubowa, and Daphine Nakityo.

In a petition to the Special Task Force, Mr Nsambu says that he has suffered several raids since the group first emerged in 2020, adding that his crops and fence have been destroyed.

“They act with utter impunity. They are terrorising me in an effort to evict me from land on which I am the registered proprietor. I have a temporary injunction from court restraining them from entering on, occupying or taking possession of or transacting on the land and for the status quo to remain until disposal of the main suit,” Mr Nsambu stated this while referring to the order dated August 20, 2020.

He also accuses the police at Ssisa Post and Entebbe Police Station of failing to apprehend the the perpetrators who are harassing him on his own property.

When contacted, Ms Kankunda denied any wrongdoing, and claims she is merely a mediator between the warring parties. She says her investigations revealed that a sibling sold the land without involving family members.

Conversely, Ms Nsambu accuses Mr Nsambu of violating an August 2020 court order.

“The court order encouraged a status quo. By the time it was issued, there was nothing on the ground. What Mr Nsambu did was to start constructing a wall fence and planting crops,’’ Ms Kankunda says.


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