• Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

UGANDA, Jinja | Real Muloodi News | Entebbe municipality leaders are expressing their disappointment with some residents who are engaging in improper disposal of garbage, particularly by dumping it in trenches.

This concerning behaviour has resulted in the blockage of channels and poses preventable environmental and health risks.

Mr Dan Fred Lutaaya, the Entebbe Division B town clerk, expressed the municipality’s commitment to promoting community participation in cleaning initiatives.

They have launched public participation campaigns to encourage residents to take responsibility for keeping the municipality clean.

By involving the community, they aim to reduce costs previously incurred by the local authority in garbage collection and promote a cleaner environment.

To optimise efficiency and reduce costs, the municipality privatised garbage collection services. This decision has resulted in significant savings, allowing the allocated funds to be directed towards the improvement of infrastructure such as roads and drainages.

By working with private sector entities, the municipality has streamlined the garbage collection process and ensured more effective waste management.

Local authorities are taking the issue of improper garbage disposal seriously. Watchdogs have been deployed, and in collaboration with the police, investigations are underway to identify and prosecute individuals engaged in illegal dumping.

Those caught in the act will face legal consequences, reinforcing the importance of responsible waste disposal practices.

The Deputy Mayor of Entebbe Municipality, Mr Charles Kabwama, emphasised the need for residents to take full responsibility for proper garbage disposal.

He announced that a monthly cleaning exercise, called ‘Bulungi Bwa Ntebe,’ will be conducted to remind citizens of their duty to keep their surroundings clean.

The involvement of the Uganda Printing and Publishing Corporation (UPPC) in this initiative highlights the collective effort to address the issue of improper garbage disposal.

Residents are encouraged to utilise designated dustbins and follow good environmental practices to maintain a pollution-free environment.

Ms Rebecca Nyakayiru, the Public and Corporate Affairs Manager of UPPC, stressed the importance of halting littering and promoting good environmental practices.

UPPC has donated dustbins to facilitate proper garbage collection, and they have also contributed 600 trees to support environmental conservation efforts.

By raising awareness and providing practical solutions, the aim is to foster a culture of responsible waste management among the residents.

Various locations within Entebbe, including Kitooro Market, Nakiwogo Market, Lugonjo Nakiwogo, Banga, and Bugongo, were targeted for cleaning initiatives.

The coordinated efforts of the municipality and community members demonstrate the commitment to maintaining cleanliness and preserving the environment for the well-being of all residents.


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