• Sun. May 28th, 2023

UGANDA, Entebbe Real Muloodi News | Entebbe Residents opposing the bail of alleged notorious land fraudster Charles Kyagaba cordoned off Entebbe Magistrate’s Court on January 2, 2022 protesting his release.

Angry residents of Namulanda, Ziru, Kawuki, Akright and Bwelenga villages in Entebbe Municipality carried placards and blocked entrances to the court, demanding Kyagaba remain in custody.

The residents accuse the businessman of torturing local residents and forcibly grabbing their land.

Charles Kyagaba was arrested by the State House Anti-Corruption Unit in September 2022 on charges of malicious damage to property and excessive force to grab land, and was remanded to Kitalya Maximum Security Prison.

Real Muloodi Anatoli Kamugisha, founder of Akright City, led the demonstration outside Entebbe Magistrate’s Court after receiving information that court was due to release the suspect Charles Kyagaba on bail.

“On behalf of everyone here, all of us here are victims of a man called Charles Kyagaba, who has been masquerading as a person who defends Bibanja people, and yet he is the one instigating the claims, and then at the end of the day grabs your land,” said Kamugisha.

“People don’t want to fight as Bibanja, but some people come and say they are protecting the Kibanja person, and they create a confusion under the word ‘Kibanja,’ explained Kamugisha.

Kamugisha went on to explain how the alleged fraudster Charles Kyagaba has disrupted his residential property developments, to the detriment of Ugandans who are facing a critical housing shortage.

“You can imagine the investments I have lost because I was putting up so many projects, but now we have been frustrated, I am crippled, I cannot go ahead with any project,” lamented Kamugisha.

“I have the land ready to put up so many houses for Ugandans but I cannot put,” he added.

While at court premises, the residents noticed the suspect was already in court custody, which prompted them to raise voices shouting dissatisfaction on how the matter is being handled.

This prompted court to order for an urgent meeting with both parties, however angry residents marched out of the meeting and decided to wait for court hearings later in January 2023.

The concerned citizens appealed to President Museveni and the State House Anti-Corruption Committee to intervene and follow up on the matter, citing land grabbers corrupting the system for their own personal interests.

Land grabbing has become increasingly rampant in the Entebbe area, leaving less privileged persons suffering.


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