• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

Family Accuses UPDF of Grabbing 80 Acres of Land

UGANDA, Mayuge | Real Muloodi News | The family of the late Elukana Zikulabe is accusing the Uganda People’s Defense Forces-UPDF of grabbing their 80-acre parcel of land to build a marine training station in Ntokoro Village, Wairasa Sub-county Mayuge District.

Family members of Zikulabe said they rent a portion of the land to the nearby community in addition to utilising the area for agricultural purposes.

In 2019, UPDF officials contacted them and informed them that government authorities had permitted them to occupy the buffer zone of the Lake Victoria shoreline adjoining their land, according to Zakia Nakayima, the administrator of the late Zikulabe’s Estate.

According to Nakayima, the family members consented to assist the UPDF. However, she claims that in early June 2020, the authorities who were still working to clear the site gave them a week to go.

Nakayima claims that the soldier expelled them and destroyed their food crops, a 20-acre sugarcane plantation, and four homes that housed the widows of their deceased father when he returned at the end of the same month.

She claims their attempts to contact the police for assistance were unsuccessful since the cops kept directing them to UPDF officials.

According to Nakayima, the UPDF has rejected to meet with them. The four widows their father left behind are presently living at the mercy of well-wishers for both food and shelter, and they are fighting to provide for them.

One of the widows, Lovisa Mugala, claims that UPDF forces destroyed her home, and she is now left to care for 11 orphaned grandkids on her own.

Mugala wants the UPDF to come up with a plan for quickly making up for the losses incurred as a result of their activities so they can go.

Brig. Felix Kulaigye, the UPDF’s spokesperson, has not yet made any comments.

Lukia Nakadama, the 3rd Deputy Premier and Mayuge District Woman MP, stated that she is in contact with the appropriate government departments and organisations to make sure the family gets reimbursed.

According to her, plans are being made to allow the family to temporarily put up gardens on a portion of the contested land so they may survive while they wait for their recompense, which could take longer than expected.


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