• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

UGANDA, Lira | Real Muloodi News | Fire has destroyed the Rolex Oil factory in Ipito Aweno-Ipito-gweno cell, Ojwina B ward in Lira-City West Division.

The fire started in the early hours of Monday morning, and destroyed 150 tonnes of oil seeds, including 70 tonnes of soya beans, 50 tonnes of sunflower seeds, and 30 tonnes of soya bean cakes. It also ruined 3,400 litres of processed cooking oil stored in 20-liter jerricans, as well as four oil milling equipment.

Factory director, Vikran Singh, says no staff were working at the time of the incident. However, he was contacted by the security guard at about 2:00am who alerted him that smoke was coming out of the store. He adds that upon reaching the factory, flames had already engulfed the building.

Although the origin of the fire is yet to be determined, Northen Kyoga Police spokesperson Jimmy Patrick Okema says early results indicate a short circuit.

Okema observed that access to the facility was challenging, causing the fire to overwhelm the police fire department, prompting them to seek assistance from other firefighters.

He urged major commercial businesses to ensure they register with the fire brigade and install power regulators and fire alarm systems to warn people in the event of a fire.

However, Vikram Sing, accuses the police of the damages, claiming the police fire brigade was alerted early enough but got to the scene late.

He is concerned that even though he lost everything in the fire, he would still have to rebuild his landlord’s store because the building itself was not his.

The Rolex Oil factory employs 15 full-time employees, while others work as casual labourers and are paid daily. Now, the future of these individuals’ jobs are at stake.

Fire destruction at Rolex Africa Limited oil factory in Lira City.
Fire destruction at Rolex Africa Limited oil factory in Lira City. Image source: New Vision
Previous Fire Incidents in Lira City

Last August, a fire engulfed an MTN service center on Obote Avenue, but the fire was successfully extinguished before it caused extensive damage.

The official report indicates that two laptops and 125 mobile phones were destroyed in the blaze.


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