• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Four People in Mukono Charged with Fake Land Deal

UGANDA, Mukono Real Muloodi News | Four persons in Mukono have been charged with defrauding the late Sarah Rosemary Mulira by illegally selling her land with fake land documents.

The Police with the State House Anti-Corruption Unit detained the defendants for illegal purchase of a land title certificate, falsification, issuing a forged document, and conspiracy to conduct a felony.

They were detained on suspicion of obtaining a certificate of title and using fake land documents to acquire a 28-acre plot of land in Mukono.

Hakim Bigomba, Kenneth Nsubuga Sebagayunga, Zahura Shamim, and Musa Lukungu are the accused. They were charged before the Mukono Chief Magistrates Court, overseen by Tadeo Muyinda.

Mulira died in June 2021, according to the prosecution, and left land in Kyaggwe at Gwanya, Kinga, Kapeke in Mukono, and Nsike in Ndeeba.

Following her death, the defendants illegally transferred the Mukono land to their names to utilise it as security for a loan of 4 billion Shillings from Legacy Credit Ltd.

When the institution sent a surveyor to open the land boundaries, the deceased’s family discovered the deception.

According to the prosecution, the suspects produced a counterfeit sales agreement supposedly signed by the late Mulira. The accused also claimed to have paid the deceased $800,000 USD.

According to the court, the accused also collaborated with Mukono lawyer Kenneth Nsubuga to construct the agreement and backdate it.

The suspected persons requested bail through their attorneys, Arthur Mwebesa, Ayubu Musubo, Francis Xavier Ogwado, Paul Jacob Pateke, and Muyinda approved it.

They were each ordered to pay USh1 million in cash, and their sureties were ordered to pay USh10 million in non-cash bail.


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