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UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | A gated community refers to a group of homes that are accessible only to the residents and their guests. The public or non-residents are restricted from entry to the community, usually with a gate, fence, wall, and a security guard. Sometimes a visitor may require an access card, code, or security guard approval.

Many gated communities consist of luxury homes, tailored to high-income residents. This can make living in a gated community a status symbol. Most Ugandans believe such communities are too expensive and they are for tourists and expatriates. However, an increasing number of Ugandans who are reaching middle income status can afford them, and are already occupying them and enjoying the benefits.

One of the main appeals of a gated community is the safety and security it affords its residents. Anatoli Kamugisha, the managing director of Akright Projects, says security is critical when choosing a home for your family. 

For example, a gated community increases safety by eliminating through traffic of drivers that are not residents and guests. This makes it safer for children to walk or play near streets, and reduces traffic accidents in general. This also helps to reduce the chance of vandalism, theft and other crimes.

Gated communities are particularly popular with people who spend a lot of time away from home, who are looking for safety and peace of mind for their hard-earned assets in their absence.

Mirembe Villas Gated Community
Mirembe Villas Estates Gated Community. Image source: Twitter @katungiracheal

Another benefit to these communities is resale value. Homes in gated communities are more likely to resist market trends, and tend to retain their value better during market downturns.

Roselyn Karungi, a resident of Najjera in a gated community, says there is high demand for such properties. Though dubbed top end, the concept of gated communities is growing, especially among young professionals. The prestige and the benefits that come with the gated community attract them.

Mirembe Villas Kampala.
Mirembe Villas Estates Gated Community. Image Source: Property Continental

According to Alex Muhumuza, an architect, gated communities are becoming the in-thing in Uganda as they are easy to rent out compared to a single bungalow.

Muhumuza admits that though they have not existed for long, they are fast developing in middle-class residential neighbourhoods. They are pleasing to the eye, with their high-rise building complexes and architecture.

Muhumuza believes that the idea of having all the services in one gate is to ease the life of the tenants. Such services include a gym, a pool, a kids’ play area, and garbage collection trucks. One can say they are like master-planned communities.

Royal Palms Estate in Butabika.
Royal Palms Estate in Butabika. Image Source: Houses for Rent in Kampala

In Kampala and the surrounding districts of Wakiso, Entebbe, and Mukono, the establishment of gated communities is growing like the Kakungulu Satellite city, Kensington Luxury Heights, Royal Palm Estates, Green Top Apartments and many more communities.

Entrance to Kensington Luxury Heights in Kyanja, Uganda.
Entrance to Kensington Luxury Heights in Kyanja, Uganda. Image Source: Knight Frank

Kakungulu Satellite City off Entebbe Road is currently the biggest gated community in Uganda, with over 2000 bungalows.

Kakungulu Satellite City
Part of the Kakungulu Satellite City development in 2016, next to the Entebbe Express Highway. Image source: Twitter/@lindahNabusayi


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