• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

Gen. Elly Tumwine Clashes with Widow Over 400 Acre Land

UGANDA, Kazo | Real Muloodi News | Ms Medius Kamaruka, a 67 year old widow, has accused Gen. Elly Tumwine, the former Security Minister, of overstaying on a 400-acre piece of land, leased to him by her late husband.

Ms Kamaruka is the widow of the late Wilson Gukyere. She owns the property that was leased to Gen. Tumwine for the past ten years. The land dispute has escalated to where it requires the intervention of the local leaders in the Kazo District.

In an interview with Rajab Mukombozi, Ms Kamaruka claims that Gen. Elly Tumwine has violated “the terms of the purported agreement with her late husband” since Mr Gukyere passed away in June. Ms Medius recalls her husband telling her that his lease had expired. She insists Gen. Tumwine arrested her husband “when he tried to rent the land to other people.”

She said, “if it is true that Gen Tumwine, who has occupied this land for 10 years, claims that his period of rent is not over, let him produce the rent agreement. He should stop occupying my land with impunity.”

She went on, “Gen. Tumwine’s continuous concealing of the information in the agreement depicts a sinister motive. If you say it is only the husband that knows the agreement and is now dead, do you want us to consult a ghost for these documents?” 

The sub-county leaders of Kazo District have asked Gen. Tumwine to present the documents of the agreement. The District Councillor, Mr Jackson Muhebwa, recommends that Gen. Tumwine share the documents to reveal the terms of the agreement to resolve the dispute once and for all. 

Gen. Tumwine said, “the husband left me with the land knowing I have a long period to stay there for the period I paid for. That is according to the agreement I have and which I signed with her husband.” 

There was no further comment from Gen. Elly Tumwiine.


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