• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

UGANDA, Adjumani | Real Muloodi News | The Second Deputy Prime Minister, General Moses Ali, inaugurated and commissioned the Mungula refugee-run farm, spanning 270 acres in Aliwara village in Itirikwa Sub County, Adjumani district. 

During the inauguration ceremony, General Moses Ali praised South Sudanese refugees and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) for their contributions to the fight for food security in the Madi sub-region.

The General also praised Uganda’s progressive refugee policies, allowing Ugandans to coexist with neighboring countries.

General Moses Ali states, “In November 2020, when I came here, none of us didn’t believe that we could harvest the 64 metric tons of maize and the same quantity of beans. This is an enormous achievement which must be recognised and credited to UNHCR and the refugees.”

He also urged stakeholders to focus on the farm’s long-term plans, such as entering a private partnership engagement for management, seeking alternative funds, and expanding the project to other sub-countries.

Felicitas Nebril, the head of the UNHCR Sub-office for Adjumani District, stated they supported the collaboration to establish the farm to increase food security and household income among refugees and host communities.

 “The harvest of today is indeed an impressive result. It shows that we can make a difference in the lives of the refugees and host communities. Let us continue to do and produce more to inspire others into joining the initiative,” Nebril said.

Felicitas added, “This innovative public-private partnership is a ground-breaking initiative that we already see as addressing the food and income insecurity of the refugees and also the host communities. It is also enhancing peaceful coexistence.” 

According to Titus Jogo, the Refugee Desk Officer for Adjumani, the partnership model and farm success have significantly improved farming and the opportunity for refugees to become self-sufficient.

“It is not just about planting the crops and harvesting it, we have achieved a great deal of harmonious coexistence among ourselves as partners, refugees and host communities. We are committed to taking this model farm to higher levels,” Titus Jogo stated. 

According to UNHCR, approximately 236,000 South Sudanese refugees are settled in 19 facilities across Adjumani. The latter has recently begun producing beans and maize, yielding about 64 metric tons of maize and beans in their first harvest.

According to Richard Edema, the acting CAO Adjumani, after selling the maize and beans to local produce buyers or processors in the district, the project expects to generate gross revenues of approximately 120 million from maize and 263.7 million from beans.

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