• Mon. May 23rd, 2022

UGANDA, Mubende Real Muloodi News | The Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development has issued certificates of occupancy to 150 tenants in Mubende District. These are the first of their kind to be given out in the country.

The initiative was made possible through the GIZ and European Union project marked, ‘Improvement of Land Governance in Uganda to Increase Productivity of Small Scale Farmers on Private Mailo Land.’

The project started in 2017 in Gomba, Mubende, Kassanda and Mityana districts, aiming to restore the lost relationship between landlords and tenants.

At the closing ceremony of the project, Naome Kabanda, the Commissioner for Lands Administration at the Ministry of Lands, noted that the government giving tenants certificates of occupancy is one of the major solutions to resolving the increasing land fights between tenants and landlords.

“I am happy to note there has been a database created for landlords and tenants. This is going to ease the work for those who intend to buy or sell land in the area. Now at that level, you can know this land belongs to so and so before buying it. Such a database is what is lacking in the rest of the Mailo areas,” Commissioner Kabanda said.

According to her, this is the other option available to promote a harmonious co-existence and relationship between landlords and tenants. In the past, when Mailo land was introduced, a good relationship existed between landlords and their tenants.

Caroline Adrieansen, the leader of the European Union Cooperation, noted that the project got great achievements which include; the mapping of 86737 Bibanja holders of which 28159 Bibanja are for women, and 1531 for persons with disability and 9233 for the elderly.

She also notes that based on the achievements, more funds have been released to carry on the second phase of the project.

For the second phase, they are only waiting to sign the agreement between the European Union, the Germany Government and the Ministry of Finance.

They hope to start the second phase immediately after the first, and that it shall cost USD4.3 million.

“We have seen several big achievements in the first phase, we have seen increased security, harmonious co-existence between tenants and landlords, and fewer conflicts,” said Christine Keller, the team leader of the project.

She also noted that the tenants could use these certificates of occupancy as security for credit and capital to implement new projects.

“One of the important positive points of the first phase also has been to look at the gender component, the volubility aspect is very important and this is something that will try to maintain and peruse in the second phase,” Christine added.

Rose Mary Muka, the Resident District Commissioner for Mubende District, was grateful that with the certificates in place, tenants utilise the land productively.

She said, “so now if they bring these government programs of wealth creation, Parish Development Model, among others, it means that tenants can grow crops which are perennial and can bring income to their families.”


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