• Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

Govt Distributes 2,300 Land Titles in Kakumiro and Kagadi

UGANDA, Kagadi | Real Muloodi News | The government has distributed more than 2,300 land titles to residents of Kakumiro and Kagadi districts as part of a systematic land demarcation program.

The initiative, introduced by the Uganda Land Commission (ULC), aims to address historical injustices that arose during the colonial administration.

Under the land fund, privately owned land in the two districts is being demarcated, surveyed, and titled. The objective is to compensate landlords with large land parcels, allowing those who had encroached on the land to gain rights of ownership.

The districts of Kakumiro, Kibaale, and Kagadi were particularly affected by the issue of absentee landlords. To rectify this, the government has taken steps to distribute land titles to residents.

During a distribution ceremony held at Nkooko Town Council grounds, Minister for Lands, Housing, and Urban Development, Judith Nabakooba, highlighted that the distribution of land titles, commissioned by President Museveni on January 26, 2023, is part of an ongoing process.

Nabakooba emphasised that the government is utilising the Land Fund to address the injustices stemming from the colonial era.

The provision of land titles to occupants aims to reduce land conflicts. The government has already acquired approximately 523 square miles of land, and the systematic demarcation process is currently underway to ensure occupants have secure tenure.

During the land title distribution, Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja urged beneficiaries to value their titles and cautioned against misusing them by falling prey to unscrupulous money lenders.

Domestic violence was identified by Faridah Kibowa, chairperson of the women’s council in the country, as a major obstacle to combating poverty at the household level.

Prime Minister Nabbanja encouraged women in leadership positions to serve their communities and appealed to women to embrace government programs aimed at improving household incomes.


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