• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

UGANDA, Buikwe | Real Muloodi News | The Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife, and Antiquities has announced its plans to acquire a 3-kilometre radius of land for the development of the Source of the Nile master plan.

Located within the Njeru Municipality Council in Buikwe District on the side of Buganda and Jinja City in the Busoga Sub-region, the Source of the Nile holds immense tourism potential.

Mr Vivian Lyazi, Assistant Commissioner in the Ministry of Tourism, expressed the need for additional land to accommodate the various projects envisioned in the master plan.

The goal is to transform the Source of the Nile into a globally recognised tourism destination, necessitating innovations and developments that require more space.

Mr Lyazi emphasised the ministry’s commitment to making this iconic destination a reality.

Mr Andrew Jimmy Kigozi, the coordinator of the Source of the Nile development project, outlined the initial phases that are expected to commence in the next financial year.

These phases include the construction of an observation tower and pier, with land already allocated by the Jinja City Council.

The government is currently in the final stages of procuring a contractor, and the cost of the project will be determined once negotiations with the Solicitor General are concluded.

The Source of the Nile development project aims to incorporate various innovative features to enhance the visitor experience.

Planned additions include modern museums, a Nile village and cultural centre, a children’s park, restaurants, a viewing deck, and a health clinic.

Dr Kosea Wambaka, the consultant behind the project’s master plan, explained that the 3-kilometre area will span both sides of the Source of the River Nile.

Mr Charles Nampendo, the senior Jinja City Physical Planner, assured that the National Physical Planning Authority has already approved the physical development masterplan of Jinja City.

The cooperation between the Ministry of Tourism and Jinja City during the city’s master plan development ensures alignment with the Source of the Nile project.

Mr Daudi Migereko, Chairperson of the Uganda Tourism Board, acknowledged that the project has faced delays due to land constraints. He urged all stakeholders to support and cooperate to ensure the project’s success.

The Mayor of Njeru Municipality, Mr Yasin Kyazze, expressed optimism about the project, highlighting the numerous benefits it would bring, including job creation for communities on both sides of the river.


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