• Sun. May 28th, 2023

Gulu and Arua City Physical Development Plans 2022-2040 on Display

UGANDA, Gulu, Arua Real Muloodi News | For the past 12 months, the cities of Gulu and Arua have been preparing new city Physical Development Plans (PDPs), with the support of the  Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI). The initiative is part of a three-year project; “Greening Uganda’s Urbanisation and Industrialisation,” supported by the European Union.

The PDPs propose comprehensive physical and development planning of the two cities, and the attraction of sustained infrastructure investments, designed to turn the new city councils into engines of economic growth while minimising environmental impacts.

Effective urban planning is essential for reducing slum proliferation, haphazard development and traffic congestion; features that often plague rapidly growing cities.

The PDPs identify spaces and allotments for various land use activities and services in the cities, and determine the desired city growth patterns. Some of the key land uses include, housing, industry, commerce, green open spaces, agriculture while services include energy, transport, education, health, waste (solid and liquid), water, communications among others.

The plans also determine ways and mechanisms for creating jobs and incomes for women and youths. They involve all stakeholders in the development process as well as actions to reduce environmental impact and pollution, thus attaining a green growth transition.

The green growth aligned PDPs for Arua city covers 401 km2 whereas and Gulu city covers 242.5Km2.

On Monday, the Town Clerks of Gulu and Arua cities announced the PDPs will be put on public display from the 24th May 2022.

Where to View the Plans

The Physical Development Plans may be viewed between 09:00hrs and 17:00hrs from Monday to Friday before 12th August 2022, at any of the following places:

  1. Physical Planning Department, Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, 1st-floor Century House, Parliament Avenue, P.O. Box 7096, Kampala. Email: [email protected]
  2. National Planning Authority Head office, Plot 17A, Clement Hill Road, P. O. Box 21434 Kampala, Uganda. Email: [email protected]
  3. Global Green Growth Institute Head office, Plot 3 – 7, Kabalega Crescent, Ministry of Water & Environment
  4. Ministry of Local Government Offices, Workers House, Plot 1, Pilkington Road-Southern Wing, 5th Floor. Email: [email protected]
  5. Gulu City headquarters; Laroo-Pece division and Badege- Layibi division offices; The four former sub-counties (Kolo, Bugantira, Ongako and Unyama)
  6. Arua City headquarters; Central division and Ayivu division offices; The seven former sub counties (Ayivuni, Pajulu, Dadamu, Oluko, Aroi, Manibe and Adumi)

Any representations or comments to the Draft Plans should be done in writing to the registers provided at those points or addressed to Mr Paul Batndaa, the Town Clerk of Arua City, or Mr Isaiah Tumwesigye, Town Clerk of Gulu City. 

No representation will be accepted after the expiry of the stated date, Friday 12th August 2022.

The Plans have been developed by GGGI and Mott MacDonald, an international consulting firm.

The PDPs have been developed through a multi-stakeholder engagement within the cities including local leaders right from the ward levels. The team has had engagements with the policy and administrative units within the cities e.g. police, army, education institutions, churches/mosques, private sector etc.


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