• Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

Hon Apollo Kantinti Recovers His Land Titles From Singer Shamim Namawa

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi NewsHon Apollo Kantinti recently revealed that he has recovered his five land titles from the mother of his children, Shamim Namawa, a famous musician.

The former Kyadondo East MP had publicly accused his ex-wife, Shamim Namawa of stealing his land titles.

He made the revelation that the titles were safely back in his possession when he shared a highlight about his current relationship status with the musician. 

Their previous relationship was mired in a domestic abuse controversy, leading to their divorce and the charges of Shamim trying to grab her husband’s five land titles.

Shamim Namawa likewise accused Kantinti of child neglect and denied all the husband’s accusations against her of wanting to steal his land titles.

Domestic abuse and child neglect, according to the singer, are the basis of their family’s disputes.

Shamim said their family’s problems started in 2017 when Bobi Wine easily defeated Kantinti in a by-election for the Kyadondo East MP seat.

After losing the by-election, Kantinti was condemned to Luzira prison because of debts he accrued related to his political campaigning. But Shamim fought hard and got him out before he spent even six months behind bars.

Shamim reasoned that she kept the land titles with her lawyers because she feared her husband would use them to clear the bank loans he acquired during electoral campaigns.

“I took the titles and handed them over to the lawyers. I have to save some property for the children,” she said.

In due process, Kantinti expressed regret in entering into the relationship with Shamim, claiming that his ex-wife was a materialistic woman whose aim was to steal his hard-earned property.

Kantinti says he is now a happy man since he managed to recover all his five land titles from Shamim, which closes the end of their relationship. Kantinti revealed that he is now divorced and living a happy life.

Kantinti and Shamim had been together for seven years, and the couple has two children together.

When asked if he was the reason why Shamim is not singing anymore, Kantinti denied the claims, saying that he merely ceased investing money in her music career, but has not stopped her from making music.

He said that Shamim has returned to the music scene since they split up, and that she even has a brand new song titled “Kyapa.”


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