• Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

Housing Finance Bank Prioritises Customer Engagement and Service Excellence

UGANDA, Mbarara | Real Muloodi News | Housing Finance Bank recently organised a customer service forum at Silverback Hotel in Mbarara, as part of its ongoing commitment to value its customers.

The event, held last week, aimed to reward customers in the western region and gather valuable feedback. This forum is just one of the many customer reward engagements scheduled by the bank, following the launch of its 5-year strategy to achieve 90% customer satisfaction by 2027.

During the forum, Mr John Baptist Kaweesi, Head of Mortgage and Consumer Banking, expressed gratitude to the customers for their presence and highlighted the bank’s efforts in digitising operations, streamlining processes, and improving turnaround time across all customer touchpoints.

He emphasised the bank’s commitment to continuously enhance services to meet and exceed customer expectations.

The feedback session provided an opportunity for direct engagement with customers and gathering insights to guide service enhancements.

Mr Suleiman Sserwadda, Head of Operations, thanked customers for their unwavering loyalty and trust in the bank.

He reiterated the bank’s dedication to actively listening to customers and providing personalised solutions tailored to their needs.

Customer feedback plays a critical role in shaping the bank’s products and services to serve their financial requirements better.

Hon. Alimpa John, a longstanding customer of the bank, expressed gratitude for the bank’s support in realising his dream of homeownership.

He commended the bank’s commitment to personalised solutions and exceptional service.

Mr Alex Bright Mugabi, Branch Manager of HFB in Mbarara, sincerely appreciated all the customers present and emphasised that the valuable insights gained during the event would guide the bank’s initiatives to improve service quality, enhance customer satisfaction, and strengthen its position as a trusted financial partner.

The bank remains dedicated to driving customer service excellence and leveraging customer feedback to enhance its offerings.

With its customer-centric approach and personalised solutions, the bank is a trusted financial partner.

As the bank continues to enable sustainable homeownership and financial independence for the people of Uganda, it upholds its commitment to exceeding customer expectations.

As a bank that profoundly values its customers, HFB continues to conduct various customer engagement sessions across the country, further reinforcing its customer-centric approach and commitment to excellence in customer service.


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