• Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

Kawolo General Hospital Land in Dispute: Family vs Mehta Group of Companies

The family of late Banalaba Owekiso, in Lugazi Municipality, Buikwe District, is claiming ownership of a piece of land housing Kawolo General Hospital, the Daily Monitor reports. The Kawolo General Hospital serves over 1.3 million people around Buikwe, Buvuma, and Mukono districts. It sits on 23 acres of land, of which the family is claiming ownership of 5.5 square miles.

Mehta Group of Companies, who donated the hospital land to Buikwe District, claim that the land is freehold, yet the hospital has no land title. Documents that the family possesses shows it is Mailo land. The court has passed an order to ensure open boundaries to resolve the dispute. 

The Daily Monitor correspondent interviewed Mr. Norman Kiwanuka, a relative of the late Owekiso, who said “they are opening borders on the disputed land.” He further explained the family has no intention to dislodge the hospital, but only demand compensation from the government.

The hospital management at Kawolo General Hospital is aware of the ongoing issues and has had a good relationship with Mr. Owekiso’s family. For example, when the hospital underwent renovations, the family ensured the land dispute did not demotivate donors.

How Kawolo General Hospital Land Move into Mehta Group’s Hands

In an interview with Mr. Haruna Wamala, administrator at the Kawolo Hospital, the Daily Monitor learned that the Ministry of Health would pay for the land if Mr. Owekiso’s family wins. 

In 1900, the initial owner of the land was the late Mr. Banalaba Owekisa. After his death, Mr. Isaac Kyagulanyi inherited the land and leased it to Mehta Group of Companies. As the lease expired, Mr. Kiwanuka claims that the land reverted to the family. Mr. Ibrahim Kyagulanyi and Mr. Muhammad Yawe are the current administrators. Nonetheless, Mehta Group of Companies argues they gained the land rightfully.

The court’s order to open boundaries will clear out several issues. These include identifying exactly which part of the land is under dispute. The district chairperson, Mr. Mathias Kigongo, clarifies to the Daily Monitor that Mehta Group of Companies donated the hospital land. Now, Mr. Kigongo is looking to bring both parties together to resolve this issue without affecting the hospital’s operations.