• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Kayunga Residents Get 8,000 Land Titles from Govt

UGANDA, Kayunga | Real Muloodi News | After six years of waiting, the government has now given 8,000 landowners in the Kayunga District freehold land titles.

The titles are just awaiting distribution, according to Mr Andrew Muwonge, district chairperson, who stated this on September 21.

“We will soon draw a programme to start distributing the titles to beneficiaries,” he said.

However, Mr Muwonge claimed that some renters would lose out because they neglected to provide their information, adding that they were to blame.

The initiative was started in 2017 by the State Minister for Housing, Hon. Persis Namuganza, and is aimed at 20,000 beneficiaries in 16 communities in Kitimbwa and Kayonza who reside on public property.

The inhabitants had been promised their titles by April 2018 by Ms Namuganza, but the process was delayed owing to suspected political meddling and a lack of funding.

In 2014, Kayunga District Land Board sold their property for an unauthorised sum to Kayunga Sugar Works Ltd, a division of the Madhvani Group of Companies.

For an undisclosed sum, Madhvani had purchased the land to plant sugarcane.

The then district chairperson, Mr Stephen Dagada, removed the board members involved in the scheme after learning about the “illegal” property deal and returned the USh200 million portion of the payment the business had paid.

Given that there is oil potential nearby, Ms Namuganza claims that the titles are meant to bolster the tenants’ claims to the property.

President Museveni informed voters during the Kayunga by-election campaigns in December that he had awarded two titles to winners and promised to distribute the remaining titles in the future.

The mayor of the Kitimbwa Town Council, Mr Isaac Kanzaali, praised the government for keeping its promise.

“We had lost hope, but if the titles are now at the district, we thank the President for fulfilling the pledge,” Mr Kanzaali said.

Additionally, the government is providing free land titles to 1,300 or more people in the nearby Nakasongola District.

The recipients are spread out across eight communities in the Sub-counties of Kalungi, Kalongo, and Lwampanga.

This happens after the government succeeded in paying the remote landowners who owned the space they now occupy compensation.

Additionally, President Museveni began distributing awarding titles to 630 clans and 275,000 households in the broader northern area last week.


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