• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

KCCA Applauded for Constructing Makindye-Buziga Roads

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | Previously, the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) received a backlash for poor quality roads. However, since the completion of the Makindye-Buziga road, KCCA has been gaining positive feedback.

For instance, earlier this year, Mr Samson Tinka, a safety and security expert, published an option piece complaining about the quality of workmanship, project timelines, limited KCCA budgets for KCCA roads projects.

In the article, he explained that using soil to fill potholes did not withstand the heavy rain, and urged KCCA contractors to plan better and do road works on days with less traffic.

Now, Mr Tinka applauds KCCA for the good work done on the Makindye-Buziga roads, unlike the Mengo Lungujja-Nateete and Agenda 2000- UNBS roads, which he says “were defective from the onset.” He shares he has been using the Makindye-Buziga roads regularly, and they “look solid in every angle.”

He continued, “while I drive on these roads, I find it fulfilling that the trading licence fees I pay to either city or municipal authorities is being put to right use. And that my little income tax paid is not being smuggled away by the so-called government technocrats.”

The Makindye-Buziga roads have well-placed road markings and signage, pedestrian walkways and will soon have functioning traffic lights. Additionally, the roads are ample sized to accommodate the increasing traffic.

The newly constructed Makindye-Buziga roads show improvement is possible across other infrastructure development projects like schools, markets, and hospitals. 

City dwellers need quality projects implemented to meet the needs of the growing city. Government organisations must practice effective planning through regular meetings of the various physical planning committees and collaboration with local leaders and residents.

Further, there are fewer reports of KCCA officials fighting with vendors and traders to enforce regulations. This is an important step towards increasing positivity and improving KCCA’s reputation and support from the public.


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