• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

KCCA Infrastructure Development to Improve the Face of the City

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has embarked on heavy infrastructure development projects. These projects directly reflect the linkage between taxes and service delivery. The information updated on the KCCA website on February 24 shows the major ongoing KCCA infrastructure projects in roads and drainage systems. 

John Babiiha road-Acacia, Ntinda-Nakawa road, Kulambiro Ring Road, including Najeera link, Kabuusu-Bunamwaya-Lweza, and Lukuli, all measuring 26kms, are some of the ongoing roads works. KCCA expects to fully complete these road projects by June. These, according to KCCA, will improve city mobility and curb traffic jams.

With savings made from earlier projects, KCCA expects to construct three improved roads: Kasubi Junction, Tuuba Road in Kulambiro (1.2 km), and Bulabira link (1.2 km) in Najeera linking to Najeera road. Bulabira link will present an alternative route for natives of Kira Municipality.

KCCA Developmental Works

The work will involve:

  • Improving the drainage system 2.58 km of the Lubiji main channel in Bwaise.
  • Re-lining the channel from Bombo Road to Hoima Road.
  • Widening the downstream section from the Kawaala bridge to Hoima Road to about 90 m.

KCCA says  it will construct a Box Culvert at the confluence with Nakamiro. The associations will also improve the 3.28 km Kakumiro secondary channel in Bwaise. This channel will be realigned and widened (on average, 7 m). Pedestrian bridges and walkways will also be constructed.

Drainage Works

KCCA reports that work on Lubigi and Nakamiro drainage projects is currently ongoing, with July and November expected as completion months. Uganda’s government and the World Bank are jointly funding these works.

Work in Lubigi, excavation and rock-fill between Bombo Road and Kawaala Bridge is ongoing. While in Nakamiro, the NWSC sewer lines and electricity lines relocation is in progress. Besides, excavating the channels and constructing box culverts has commenced.

Similarly, KCCA reveals that residents who live downstream of the Kawaala bridge along the Lubigi Channel were being mobilized to facilitate the project works, as those affected by the project along the Nakamiro drainage channel expect the demolition of the compensated properties.