• Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

UGANDA, Kikuube | Real Muloodi News | Kikuube Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Amlan Tumusiime, has stressed the importance of involving children in the fight against land grabbing and environmental degradation from an early age.

He believes that the root cause of increasing land conflicts and environmental destruction in Uganda lies in the notion that grabbing neighbours’ land is acceptable.

To address this issue, Tumusiime advocates for educating and guiding young people to understand that land grabbing is both a crime and a sin in the eyes of God.

He draws inspiration from Proverb 22:6, emphasising that instilling values in children during their formative years ensures they uphold these principles throughout their lives.

Speaking at Duhaga Secondary School in Hoima City during a Bible reading and preaching competition, RDC Tumusiime quoted Deuteronomy 27:17, which condemns those who illegally shift landmarks and seize land.

He expressed concern about the prevalent problem of land grabbing in Uganda and urged the students to become ambassadors in the fight against this issue.

He encouraged them to spread the message among their parents and relatives, emphasizing that land grabbing promotes insecurity, hatred, and food scarcity, leading to widespread suffering in the region.

In addition to combating land grabbing, RDC Tumusiime urged the youth to take an active interest in advocating for environmental protection.

He noted that a significant number of individuals involved in environmental degradation are young people. He cited the depletion of wetlands in the Bunyoro region due to practices such as growing rice and maize.

Tumusiime warned that this environmental challenge could have disastrous consequences in the future, especially for the younger generation.

He urged the students to inform their families and neighbours about the importance of preserving wetlands and the environment as a whole, citing biblical teachings against environmental degradation.

The Bible reading and preaching competition at Duhaga Secondary School, organised by Reverend Denis Murungi, aims to develop the student’s talents in these areas.

The competition serves as a platform for identifying and nurturing future church leaders and servants of God.

Reverend Murungi appreciated RDC Tumusiime, who is an alumnus of the school, for supporting their chapel by donating one million shillings to purchase a music system.

RDC Amlan Tumusiime’s call to engage children in the fight against land grabbing and environmental degradation highlights the significance of early education and moral guidance.

By instilling values of respect for land rights and environmental protection at a young age, Uganda can create a generation of responsible citizens who contribute to a more secure and sustainable future.

Through these efforts, the fight against land grabbing and environmental degradation can gain significant momentum, leading to positive changes in the country.


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