• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

King Saha in Land Wrangle with Neighbour, Calls Authorities

UGANDA, Wakiso | Real Muloodi News | Music superstar Mansur Ssemanda, popularly known as King Saha, has been caught up in a land wrangle with a neighbour identified as Ms. Edith Katusiime.

Ms Katusiime hired bouncers and some other security men in non-uniform to protect her builders while they erected a construction over an access road leading to the musician’s mansion. Saha’s impressive mansion is in the final stages of construction.

A builder working on Saha’s mansion, Paul Mukisa, says encountered two men standing guard as builders dug what appeared to be a house foundation in the road on his way to Saha’s, with concrete and stones piled in the parameter of the roadway.

Ms Katusiime claims ownership over the road, as the plot of land she bought includes that part of the road.

Blocking the road not only affected King Saha, but also other neighbours who use the same route for their daily activities.

When King Saha got the news about the blockade, he went to the area’s local council chairperson, who called the police. The police immediately stopped Ms Katusiime’s builders from putting up a perimeter fence.

Some of the locals chastised Ms Katusiime for interrupting their movement without consulting with the law, which the chairman says stipulates that “before constructing in a road that is part of the plot, one has to first create an alternate path.”

The locals were very happy and vowed to stop any other attempts by Ms Katusiime to block their road.

The residents revealed that this wasn’t the first time Ms Katusiime tried to block the road. The matter had been taken to court, but there was no final ruling.

They also complained that although Ms Katusiime has a right to construct her own home wherever she wants, she shouldn’t block their road.

King Saha claims that for over ten years, he has resided in Nakawuka, Wakiso, and the road which Ms Katusiime alleges is hers, has been in existence for road users for all that time. He was therefore surprised when it was blocked.

“I don’t know what my neighbour wants me to do now after constructing in the middle of the road that leads to my home. I have nowhere to pass at the moment. She has been bringing up issues for so many years,” King Saha said.

King Saha is one of the few Ugandan artists who are not renting but owns a home. He is also not the first artist to get involved in land wrangles.


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