• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

Landlord Fined for Dumping Human Waste in Tenant’s Room over Unpaid Rent

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | A landlord in Kaliro District has been fined USh1.2 million for dumping human waste in his tenant’s room for failure to pay rent.

Wilson Namusosa, 38, allegedly mixed human waste with water and poured it inside the tenant’s room. The landlord had accused the tenant of not paying rent for several months.

The tenant reported the matter to the area LC1 Chairman, Grace Basembeza, who presided over the village court that found the landlord guilty.

The landlord was fined USh1.2 million to enable the tenant to buy a new property, including bedding, furniture, and cooking ware.

This incident is one of many recent examples of the extreme measures landlords have taken to get their tenants to pay rent on time.

For example, Real Muloodi News recently reported on a case in Kenya in which a landlord put his tenants’ underwear up on auction for failing to pay rent.

In another instance, a landlord in Uganda demolished his tenants’ homes in the middle of the night for failure to pay rent.

Such actions are not only illegal but also inhumane and violate the rights of tenants according to Uganda’s new Landlord and Tenant Act.

Under the Act, landlords need to follow legal means to collect rent and seek legal action if tenants refuse to pay.


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