• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

Lawyers Want Kabarole Senior Land Officer Interdicted

UGANDA, Kabarole | Real Muloodi News | Lawyers have requested the Attorney General (AG) to direct Kabarole District officials to interdict Mr Peter Alinda, the Senior Land Management Officer who is facing criminal accusations in Fort Portal’s Chief Magistrate’s Court.

Sanywa Wabwire and Company Advocates’ lawyers accuse the Kabarole Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of failing to restrain Mr Alinda in a letter to the AG dated January 16.

“Our instructions, therefore, are to request that you be pleased to prevail over the Solicitor General in Fort Portal so that he can advise the CAO of Kabarole District to immediately cause the interdiction of Mr Alinda as per Regulation 29 of the Public Service (Commission) Regulations,” reads the petition.

The regulation states that a government worker who is the subject of criminal proceedings must be interdicted.

And now the lawyers are wondering why this did not occur in Mr Alinda’s case.

Mr Alinda has been in court since February 2020 for suspected forgery of a land transfer form, fraudulent procurement of a land title, and using forged papers of Kabarole District Land Board minutes from 2016.

He is accused with Mr Cyprian Rwaheeru, the former head of the Kabarole District Land Board, and Ms Beatrice Nyindombi, a businesswoman.

The fake paperwork allegedly stated that a leasehold title was changed to a freehold title in favour of Ms Nyindombi, although the land was registered in the name of Juma Hussein (deceased) in Harugongo, Kabarole District.

The magistrate’s court in Fort Portal is hearing the cases against the trio.

According to the lawyers, the CAO failed to act despite multiple letters and reminders to have the accused people arrested.

Mr Lukwago, the Kabarole District CAO, stated that the case is being handled under the law.

He said: “They are demanding me to interdict but I do not simply interdict because there are procedures, I have to assess and I have to get advice from the AG…and court.”


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