• Sun. May 28th, 2023

Masaka City Real Muloodi Atanansi Bazzeketta Found Dead in Hotel Room

UGANDA, Masaka | Real Muloodi News | Atanansi Bazzeketta, a prominent Masaka City businessman, was discovered dead on Saturday at his hotel, the Maria Flo, in Masaka City.

His lifeless body was discovered in one of the rooms at his hotel over the weekend after his employees became concerned that he was not leaving the room or picking up his phone calls.

Ivan Nakibinge, the hotel manager and a family member, says that Atanansi died in his sleep, and that his body was only discovered when they broke into his hotel room.

Mr Nakibinge revealed that they chose to break the door since the boss’ sleeping in after 9.00 a.m. was abnormal.

“He usually wakes up early, but today when it came to 7am and he was still inside his room, we got suspicious. I was forced to go and check on him- only to find him lying dead in his bed,” Mr Nakibinge said.

Mr Nakibinge claims the deceased completed all of his responsibilities on Friday and appeared to be in good health when he retired to his room that evening.

According to close family and associates, the businessman has long been suffering from heart-related issues.

Mr Nakibinge said on Saturday that family members would meet shortly to plan the deceased’s funeral preparations.

Muhammad Nsubuga, the Greater Masaka Regional spokesman, said that inquiries into the businessman’s unexpected death have begun.

He said that officers from the Police Scenes of Crimes and Investigations Unit arrived at the hotel to begin investigations into the cause of death.

The death of Bazzeketta came as a shock to Masaka’s Deputy Resident City Commissioner in Charge of the Kimanya-Kabonera Division, Ahmed Kateregga Musaazi.

According to Musaazi, Atanansi Bazzeketta was a kind guy who offered advice on a variety of Masaka-related issues.

“He was a friendly and down to earth entrepreneur. On many occasions he could move with the hotel catering service providers to the venues where they were hired to offer services,” a local resident who asked to remain anonymous remarked.

She added: “He would regularly participate in serving guests at different ceremonies.”

The Maria Flo Hotel was one of the city’s fastest expanding hotels at the time of Mzee Bazeketta’s demise. Located on Mutuba Avenue in Masaka, the hotel is a popular venue for the ever increasing number of business travellers and tourists visiting the town of Masaka, and is renowned for hosting important events such as musical performances and conferences.


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